Fun With Cross Pollination

hanzrobo(11)February 26, 2012

So, I've had this Cheiridopsis for over 2 years and this is the first time it has bloomed. I think it's either C. candidissima or a type of C. denticulata. The leaves are pretty large, 6-7". I really would like to make more of these but again, only have one.

I know 'selfing' is possible by stimulating the stigma with it's own pollen, but just don't want to chance it.

I looked around the greenhouse and the only thing close that was flowering was my recently acquired Odontophorus angustifoilus. Steven Hammer writes that these 2 genus' readily hybridize and that Odontophorus probably belongs in the Cheiridopsis group. So I pollinated the Cheiridopsis with pollen from the Odontophorus, not the other way since I had already pollinated the O's with themselves. Hopefully this results in an interesting cross.

Here are the 2 plants. Hopefully someone can help with an ID for the C...? It's leaf tips turn lavender in the sun.


Odontophorus angustifoilus

I also pollinated a small Pleiospilos nelii with pollen from Aloinopsis luckhoffii and the Odontophorus, not counting on hybridization just hoping to trick it into 'selfing'.

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chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))

Y'know, I'm fond of each one of those, but the one in that first photo, the Cheiridopsis, is just...oh, what is the word I'm looking for? It's fantastic, but I feel like I use that word a lot. It looks like a person throwing both arms up to the sky in victory, joy, exuberance, excitement, whathaveyou. It's just...uplifting. :) Great show, Ryan - thanks for sharing!


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cactusjordi(z10 CA)


here is a crowd.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))

Hehe, a crowd, indeed!

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Jordi, that's a very nice clump. I hope to be able to plant some of these out one day.

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CG, that was a terrific description of the Cheiridopsis. I'm glad it brought you a good feeling.

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It is a very enchanting plant. Those lavander tips really add interest and make it quite lovely!

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I wish you could've seen it when I had it in full sun, nearly the whole plant was that color.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

That first one is pretty damn ex rated if you get the limbs being the other two limbs on the body.

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