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carmen_grower_2007(4/5)December 25, 2010

Got a blooming plant today and wonder if I can pollinate one flower on the same plant with another? Also, can I save pollen by refrigerating it or freezing it?

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Hi Carmen,

Usually with the large Dutch hybrids you can successfully self pollinate. We've all done it many times..and most likely you will get something a bit different than the parent...although, I find if I self a solid strong color like a red or and orange that's what you get. A red or orange. but it's always worth the try since it's lots of fun to do this. If you have any other hippies blooming around your area, a friend or in a neighbor's yard, maybe you could "lift" a bit of pollen and try it on your bloom. Either way, you'll have fun, especially if this is the first time you've done this.

And yes, you can save pollen by refrigerating or or freezing it. Maybe someone else here can clue you in to the best way to do it. I'm not very scientific about storing my pollen, I usually use it within several weeks, and store it and then never use it again..!

Good Luck,


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Thanks so much. I hybridized daylilies for years and I guess this isn't much different.

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Hello Carmen!
I store the pollen of my amaryllis in small ziploc- bags and i did find out, if You put them in a dry and cool place, You can pollinate the next 1/2 year with it.
Best regards

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quail(USDA 9)

Frank, when you put the pollen into ziploc-bags, do you do anything special with it first? Can you just remove it from the flower and put it directly into the bag, or do you need to dry it first? Do you need to put anything in the bag with it to absorb moisture? Thanks!

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I dont dry it out! Remove, when it is right open and dusty and put it directly in the bags. Maybe the absorbent kills the pollen!
Take care with the removing for not selfpollinating the flower.

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I use coffee filters to hold the pollen. I then place the coffee filters in a seal-able plastic container and put the whole thing in the freezer. I have successfully pollinated recent flowers with the pollen I have stored from last year. If you go at this long enough you will find your own method to store pollen.


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The way I always saved pollen from daylilies was to use those little plastic test tube-like things that scientists use. I stuff a little cotton into it and just push the cotton onto the pollen. Then I close the top and freeze it. I will try that method since I have lots of those little plastic containers.

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quail(USDA 9)

Thanks for the tips on saving pollen! Frank, I like your method -- nice and simple! Perhaps I'll try it sometime. It would give me more flexibility for those times when I only have one hippy blooming at a time, especially when it is one that is not self fertile.

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