Reblooming!! part II - 'Bogota'

lenanenDecember 8, 2012

The flower feast continues, now with 'Bogota' blossoming! Photos just don't do justice to it's great presence.

Sadly it's too cold to take pictures in the veranda, have to make due with a pic of B. in the kitchen.

'Red Lion', 'Fairytale' and 'Santiago' are in the pipes...

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Lovely! The cybisters do win the day! I just love them! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Jodi! Yes, they are wonderful, really I should get a few more of them; right now I only have B, 'Jungle Star' and a newcomer 'Rosado' which hasn't flowered yet (but in due time it will).

Did some pollinating today, Lemon Star got a dose of pollen from Bogota, Jungle Star, Exotic Star and Benfica! :D

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Beautiful Bogota! Thanks for sharing.


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Sweet! I liked Evergreen, I think it was, for a cybister... the green was amazing!

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Thank you Xuan! I've admired your hippies all this time I've been here...

Jodi, Evergreen is really nice and it would be easy to get a hold of... Also Tango, Merengue and Reggae are great, and of course Ruby Meyer. Not to mention Tarantula... Shacoba... I could go on and on and...
Royal Colors had some awesome looking cybs on their FB photos, hopefully those would become available some day.

One of the things I'm very happy about is that the size of the flowers hasn't diminished in my care. Bogota for example measures a healthy 6.7 inches ( 17 cm )both ways, vertically and horizontally (upper part). A very handsome plant I'd say.

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For me, it's really a toss up... they are all beautiful, every type having its own characteristics to admire. Even the more common hybrids are nice to have, though I do like the more unusual!

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