Aristolochia Tomentosa

bethpierce77April 24, 2014

I just got two A. Tomentosa vines in the mail, and I think the best place to plant them is where they will get part shade. Where have you all had luck with your Aristolochia tomentosa vines? It gets REALLY hot here in South Mississippi in the summer. Beth

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runmede(7a Virginia)

Mine does best in light shade. We get upper 80s to upper 90s during the summer. But, Pipevines used to be planted to shade porches in full sun.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I've planted mine in all types of places, and they do best in part sun/part shade. They also do best in a slightly raised bed with lots of composted manure added and no competition in their immediate area (about 2' or so around them) from trees or shrubs. After a few years, if they're happy, they'll become firmly established and start coming up all around where they were originally planted.

I've dug up some volunteers, Beth, and I'm nursing them in containers, hoping they'll become well rooted, since they were severed from the mother plant. I had you in mind when I dug them up, and if you want more, you can have them. I was waiting to tell you about them, because sometimes they don't survive the separation. But so far they're looking good.


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Thanks, Sherry. I would love to have them! And thanks for the advice.

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

I agree with Sherry. Mine are in a raised bed, no competition from other close by plants and get early morning sun, then dappled shade and they're doing well. I live in central Arkansas, with hot, humid summers.


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Are these easy plants to grow from seed? I'm having a little trouble finding plants locally.

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I have some experience growing A. elegans from seed.
If tomentosa is similar, then seedlings will be a little touch and go until they start vining. They start out a little wimpy at first, then build vigor as they get older.
Do not allow seedlings to "work" until they are at least 6 mos old; a year is better.
They need heat to germinate properly.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

The only time I tried to grow any Aristolochia from seeds, they didn't come up. So, I don't have any advice to give there.

Two of the three A. tomentosa plants I dug up look to be successfully rooting - they're starting to push up new growth from the bottom, which is typically what happens when they take. The other one is still healthy looking, with leaves looking good, but, so far, it hasn't made any new growth from the roots.

I also rooted four rue plants, and it looks like at least 3 of them are taking. Do you want any rue, Beth?

Only two of my many caged pipevine swallowtail cats are still eating, and they'll be ready to purge and pupate soon. I saw a male pipevine swallowtail in the garden today that looked newly emerged, so, either he came from somewhere else, or I left some of the original group out on the vines, didn't bring them all in, and he's already emerged. I have some in the cage that will be emerging soon.

I made this picture of one of the outside cats -


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That is so exciting, Sherry! And you're a great photographer! Yes, yes, yes, I would like some rue. I had some last year, butâ¦I overwatered it and killed it. I wish I had a nickel for everything I've killed along the wayâ¦LOL! Live and learn. I am retiring from teaching this year, so maybe soon, I will have time to do a road trip and we can meet up. I wonder if I have ANYTHING that you don't have??? Do you have African Blue Basil? The bees really like that.

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