inlovewithhoyas(Boston,MA Z6)June 15, 2010

Hello everyone,

Im new in the forum and I had a question about my bromeliad. Unfortunately, my bromeliad did not come with a tag and it is in the same pot with a orchid (I bought them that way) which it is what they are doing at HomeDepot. The bloom is drying on the edges and I don't know why is happening can someone give me some suggestions?


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probably because its used to being in a shady nursery department and is now getting more direct sun then its accustomed too. the plant will adjust or you can find a spot with more filtered light (for the sake of the orchid especially)

if its not that, check to see if the roots are rotting, or perhaps the plant is in its natural state of decline which means it should sucker soon.

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inlovewithhoyas(Boston,MA Z6)

Mango Kush,

Thanks for the information. The plant had started to get a little plant, but it rotted. The mother plant seems to be doing fine. I placed it in a spot where it gets bright light, but no direct sun light( I did think of the orchid =)). I am going to try to take a picture of it.

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