why no xNeobergia

winterlager(10b)June 2, 2008

There is only one xNeobergia in fcbs. Is that because they aren't worth registering or what? I expect to have some on the way, so I'm a bit interested. Furthermore, can you use these bigenerics as pollen parents or even seed parents if you stick with the parent genera?

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Better not count your chickens before they're hatched, WL. Bigenerics crosses don't take most of the time, although occasionally you'll get one that will. Certain combinations work better than others and certain species seem to be more receptive to a wide variety of pollen than others. Often the results tend to be pretty ugly, though, so the trick is to find a combination that is not only genetically compatible, but also esthetically pleasing.

I attempted several xNeobergias when I was first starting out, but only got one to take. I haven't registered it yet, and it's not a terribly commercial plant, but it does look better than the one that's on there. I've seen a few others too, but not many.

xNeobergia Beelzebub:

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I did quite a few different neo crosses with La Noche and 2 selfs for reference. The selfs aren't taking, but all the others look good. This is based on swelling of the seed sack. I guess I'll have seed (or not) in 4-5 weeks. Now that I think it worked I'm wondering what I'm going to have. I don't really want to spend a lot of time growing ugly babies but with virtually no info on xNeobergia I can't image what they'll look like.

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Sounds like they're taking. Next step is to see if they germinate. Sometimes they don't. What Neos did you put on there?

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I used what I had, of course, not much thought went into it.

Puppy Love, Blushing Tiger and Granada crosses are looking good.

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Lisa, just wonder how much variation you got in your Beelzebub grex. I assume Beelzebub is the best of the grex, but what kind of variations were there?

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Jeez, it's been so long I can't remember what the rest of them looked like, or even if there were more than one or two seedlings. Sorry. :-(

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