Tillandsia Newbie

thelittlepiglet(9)June 8, 2014

I am a new tillandsia owner :) I've read websites on tillandsias and the proper care needed for them and I've got a basic idea of how to care for it! I do have a few concerns though. I've read that they need to dry out inbetween watering so my concern is that when I purchased the Tillandsia it was sitting in a pot of stagnant water and pebbles. I will try to add a pic so I can get feedback. My other issue is the coloring on the plant. The tips are a red color that seems to be rubbing off giving me the idea that it was sprayed on for novelty purposes. If the color is artificial then is the plant in any danger? Is the bottom of the plant that sat in water already rotted? Please help! I need some advice!

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

I notice that its undesired bath has robbed it of all its roots. You might want to put it in the ICU for a couple of months. Mine is a large jamjar with some gravel in the base. Just dampen the gravel enough so when you seal the jar it fogs up but without leaving water lying inside. You may find that your air is on the dry side for Tillandsia depending on where exactly it is that you live. Unlike the majority of bromeliads they don't have any water storage mechanism, so they need humid air especially when it is hot. Most Tillandsias like very bright conditions and can stand quite a lot of sun. Good luck. Ian

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Did you buy this from the Home Depot? We have those in our garden department and someone always fills the little gravel filled pots with water! I was always having to dump them out. I eventually put up a sign telling people these are to be misted!
And yes I believe those are spray painted for color (some are blue, red and pink)

I would stick this in a glass globe, or some type of terrarium to keep in the humidity while giving it bright light (since some of the leaves are covered in paint)

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I did get it from Home Depot, but sadly I won't have to worry about caring for this plant as my dog decided it would be it's chew toy. :( If I do buy another what is a trustworthy website to buy from?

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lilpig it depends on what part of the world you live in for purchases

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With the mention of home depot I'm going to assume it's the US. Rainforestflora, birdrocktropicals, and tropiflora are all very good sellers. Be warned birdrock's website is atrocious but don't let that be off-putting, I've always received very healthy and impressive plants from them. You might also check out ctsairplants and plantoddities over on etsy, I believe they both also run ebay stores.

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I live in the good ol' United States! I will check out the sites, thank you peeps!

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