A few id confirmations please & some others!

Beachplants(Z11)February 4, 2012

Hi guys -

Is this Echeveria 'black prince'??

And this one - looks like a young Crassula 'buddah's temple'??

A few others

This is Crassula elegans subsp elegans

Crassula 'morgan's beauty'

and update on one the Crassula barklyi (bandaged finger) seedlings - love these!

Thanks & enjoy!


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi there Rian, don't think its a Buddhas Temple (BT) you have there, but may be wrong. Not got one myself yet but have watched BT's go way over my budget on ebayUK recently!!
In my opinion BT's have thinner leaves, more angular 4 sidedness (made that word up I think!) they're a bit like a 4 pointed star, indents in the leaves running up to the tips, and a distinct 4 legged cross when viewed from above.
Google for BT 'images' and also for 'stacked crassulas' will give you a link that can't be posted on here.....as a Gweb message has just informed me when I did a preview.
Great pics BTW!
Gill from the snowy UK.

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Yeah, thanks - that's what worried me as well, thought maybe its still young, cannot really find anything similar for ... I will have to do more search...search...search! LOL! Rian

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Crassula susannae looks promising but no 100% again.

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Great plants Rian,
Thanks for sharing...I will take one of each......

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I think you're right on the Ech, I don't know about the second plant, but that Crassula e. v. e.! Drunken chains of DNA with a textured finish, oh my.

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Pleasure Sharon.

Jeff - you have a beautiful mind! Love the comparison.

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