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tommysmommy(Colorado)February 27, 2011

I needed a breath of spring yesterday and visited the local nursery where I bought my first brugmansia. Their mother tree was in full bloom, an awesome sight to see. It was encouraging to see the green, the flowers, and know that someday, yes someday, I will see them again at my own home!

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Yep, they sure are breathtaking plants. And I love that they grow like a weed, so you can ultimately see blooms in first year. :) I'll be heading to a nursery in next couple of weeks to pick up some rabbiteye blueberries. Brugs already out, except for 3 species. Good luck tommysmommy!

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that's the best place to be in the winter, I usually go to the Krohn conservatory, it's in Cincinatti, a whole acre
under glass, it's great, a couple year's ago, I donated
6 big Brugs to them, they featured them in their Summer

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Diane, what color were the brug blooms?

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This is the peach versicolor tree. It's inside a greenhouse with probably a 20' ceiling, the tree is planted inground, and has a spread of probably 15' all around, and covered in flowers. I really should go take a photo and post it, it's quite a sight!

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chena(z8 Texas)

It sounds amazing Diane.. You should take a pic..I want to see..LOL You too Elizabeth!!


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I KNOW that conservatory!!! I grew up in Cincinnati, and that was my favorite (well, along with the musuem of Natural science) place to go. It most likely instilled my love of gardeniong. What a beautiful conservatory, so glad to hear it is still there :)

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I would love to go there & share Pix, but right now Girl
we're house hunting, we need a 4-5 bedroom, that can be handicapped accessable for my GS, that boy is growing, we also need a good sized family room, before two long, I will load up the kids, I am sure they would love a field trip. I always carry my camera, when I go there
I think it's been the same for years, the Guy that runs it, is a super nice guy

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