Can I expect seeds from this A. gamosepala?

localocaJune 23, 2010

I love this plant. But would like to increase my current population so I can plant all over the yard and give to my neighbors. I did nothing to the flowers but I think these are the "berries"? Any thoughts/tips?

Whole plant:

close up:

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If some or all of those reddish ovaries start to swell up and turn green, then shiny purple-black, that will mean there are seeds inside. No sign of that yet.

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Really? Ok see well first they turned green (from original pink color) and then they turned to this darker pink. That seems different from what you described? Thanks!!

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Hi localoca,

A picture's worth a thousand words. This pic shows what Lisa described. These are common every day gamosepalas.

All the best Nev.

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Oh! Thank you! Well I hope mine does that :-/

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