How should I separate this pup from the parent?

jkrup44(9B FL)June 6, 2009

Hi. I am fairly new to bromeliads. I just bought this beautiful one and I noticed it has a pup growing from the side. I would like to separate it and grow it in another pot, but I haven't tried it before. I really do not want to harm either the pup or the parent. How should I go about doing this? Is there a lot of risk that the pup could die if I try to separate it? Would anyone care to ID this bromeliad? Thanks!


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Hi Josh,
Your plant is one of many thousands of beautiful variegated Neoregelias, as for its specific name, sorry I can't help you but maybe someone else here can.

As for the pup, I would say at this stage it's too small for removal. I personally like to let them get at least half the size of the mother before I remove them but I know of many other growers who remove them earlier.

You're probably better speaking to growers in you own area who could better advise you about what's best in your environment.

Also, you can use the search engine on this forum to find lots of info. on pup removal.

All the best, Nev.

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jkrup44(9B FL)

Ok, I appreciate the info Nev. I'll just give it a bigger pot and wait until the pup is bigger to remove it. Thanks!

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