Amputo -- NOT !!!

denninmi(8a)December 23, 2009

Darn, it makes me mad when things are NOT what they are labeled to be.

I ordered three bulbs of Amputo from a large, well-known mail order bulb company located in one of the New England States (that's all I'm saying!).

Well, they are now blooming. They are lovely, white, traditional flat amaryllis, nothing at all like the trumpet shaped Amputo shown on the website.

Think they'll give me credit?

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I always get credit....I always start out saying how nice their bulbs are, but then state that you are disappointed and I include a photo of what the bloom looked like). It never hurts to say you are a serious hobbyist looking to expand your collection, etc. End on a nice note and say you look forward to resolution and doing future business with the company...and you might be surprised.

Last year I got a huge box full of gorgeous bulbs as a replacement for 2 mislabled bulbs. can catch more flies with honey....

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You will need to inform them and we'll see how they run their business.

I am having A LOT of mislabeled bulbs from a well known bulb company in California. I have informed them of one of the varieties that already bloomed not true to it's name. I got 12 bulbs of this variety. I WAS ASKED TO WAIT. That was several weeks ago and I have not received any emails from them. Been wondering since then. WHAT HAVE I GOT TO WAIT FOR???? And just yesterday, another of their varieties bloomed not true to it's name. I got 6 bulbs of this variety from them. I wonder if I should "WAIT" longer now after I inform them of this second mislabel. I still got 3 varieties from them that will need to bloom. I am so excited about this...NOT!!!

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forgot to mention. I have been a customer of this company for years.

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Write them. Add that you have been a customer for years. Hopefully you'll be happy with their solution.
Tally HO!

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rebecca47(USA Zone 5)


beachplant is right, you need to write to them and (nicely) ask why they want you to wait. It could be they want you to wait until all the bulbs/entire order has bloomed so they can deal with it all at once.

I had ordered both of the Cybister Hybrids offered by John Scheepers and both were mislabeled. I've already been refunded for the first one and expect a refund for the second. In my second letter to them I mentioned I had planned on using these particular varieties for hybridizing and would they please inform their supplier of my ire for not following better quality control! Apparently my orders was not the only one in which the Cybister Hybrids were mis-labeled so even the importer is not happy with the situation, notwithstanding all the money they have had to refund.

We have to remember that our "source" also has a supplier they have to deal with and since most bulbs come in to the imported (our source) pre-packaged, the mistake was made by their supplier.

I believe I too may have gotten bulbs from this same CA source and so far they have all been as labeled. So there is hope!

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Thanks for your advices.

I guess I will have to wait for at least 6 months to see these bulbs bloom as I stagger their planting as I schedule my pollinations. I NEVER planned to plant all 12 bulb of the same variety at the same time. They gotta be kidding me if this is their company policy!!!

In case you don't know, these bulb companies get REFUNDED by the bulb suppliers for mislabeled bulbs that they got. They arrive/shipped in crates. One variety per crate. So if they receive complaints about mislabels on a certain variety, they would NOT NEED to wait for the rest of the customers who bought that variety to inform them of the mislabeling. One crate can hold around 50-70 bulbs depending on the size. That's A LOT of complaints to wait on before making a decision.

I purchase bulbs from JS, VE, and KVB too. Once our customer #s, name or zipcode are typed in their computer, our client/buying history shows. Some of them even have our CCard infos from prior years stored in there for goodness sake! They KNOW that you have been their customer for years. Just 1 CALL or 1 email is all it takes for the 3 mentioned bulb companies to do the necessary actions needed. I have never been asked "TO WAIT"...ever!!!

We purchase these bulbs with trust and pay them ASAP as we place our order. We DESERVE to be treated better than being asked "TO WAIT". I am trying to be patient with this and trying to understand their situation. But how about me??? I have a hybridizing/pollinating program that is messed up now by this mislabeled bulbs!!! Just inform me if they have the right bulbs or not and I will move on. And purchase the bulbs I need from other companies. That is if there are still bulbs of the variety I need available. With the rate they are going, most of them would have been sold out by now. It's a waste of my money, waste of my time and a whole season lost with my hybridizing program if ever. No amount of refund would compensate for that!

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