Center dies before it flowers.

retrofiestaJune 22, 2013

Be gentle as this is my first post here.
I'm Jason.
I live in Manchester UK.
I've got a number of Bromelia growing on a window sill in my kitchen. All sourced from the original plant which was purchased from B&Q a few (5? ) years ago.

Now, although I can get the plant(s) to grow, multiply. I have 9 or 10 now, I can't get any to flower propperly.
They grow. The centre leaves turn red, there is often a spire that starts to grow from the centre of the red roset. But then the spire just seems to rot and die.
I've tried different water levels, tap water, rain water..
The only thing I haven't tried is moving them elsewhere.

I don't know the variety. The card was given to someone else as the plants were bought in a pack of 3 with only two cards. So I gave the other plants as presents and kept the 3rd, without the card.

I'm desperate to get a successful flower from these as the missus us getting tired of all the 'green' on the windowsill.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Hi Jason and welcome.
A photo would be a great help to identify your plant & problem.

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Some have red leaves and don't flower. That may be the beauty of your plant. I always divide mine and you need to post a picture so we can see the plant. JD

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Ok, I'll see what I can do about a photo.

The original plant had a flower. So I would assume the pups would eventually grow into the same plant and flower the same.


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Do you have a neoregelia? The flowers only last a day.

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Retro the genus Bromelia would be extremely had to flower indoors. They need alot of light to bloom. But the fact that the plant has lived and pupped indicates its happy otherwise where its growing. Do you know which Bromelia you are growing? Maybe humilis? Try this site for images and reference

Here is a link that might be useful: Florida Counsel site

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Here is a picture of one of the plants.
I hope it helps.

As I recall, the flower was on a tall centre spire.


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Guessing no one has any further ideas?

Also, how do you post a picture from photobucket?


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Your link to photo bucket didn't work.

Jason click on the pic you want in Photo bucket. To the right of your pic you will see a box "links to share this photo" Right click on "img" and you will see it has copied.
Come back to your post here and paste the url.
I usually make a separate folder for posting on sites on the net.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

The photo:


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It looks like a Guzmania but it seems like the flower is not forming properly. The flower on them usually last for months before it dies.

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Thanks for that.
I think it is a Guzmania. I went to B&Q and had a look at what they had there.. Guzmania rings a bell. :)

That's as far as they all get.
The centre leaves turn red, the spire starts to form inside then seems to just rot.
As I mentioned, I've tried watering like normal.
Not like normal, watering just the outer roset, just the base etc..
Always the same. With all the plants. They do that. :(

It's just getting annoying having plenty of 'green' but no flower. :(


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Jason I can't help you with a reason for this.
Maybe cut your losses and buy another plant.
Do you ever put it outside in a sheltered place?
As you have so many I would experiment with a few.

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