holes in leaves

marricgardensFebruary 9, 2014

Last year I grew daturas for the first time. I liked them so much I decided to start more this year. Last year I did not have a problem with pests, this year I have red/brown aphids. I've tried spraying with insecticidal soap and even watering it into the soil but it hasn't helped. Every time I think it's getting better I check again and there are more of them. I'm slowly getting control tho. I don't think aphids are making these holes. There is no sign of other insects, I check them every day. Any ideas what might be making these holes? Marg

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

It looks more like snail or perhaps slug damage. They will come out at night and snack on the leaves so you might not see them during the day.
For slugs you can leave out a saucer of cheap beer for them to drown in. There are different baits for snails and slugs on the market as well.
I am lucky I have guineas and ducks that like to eat snails and slugs so I don't have much experience with the poisons but they are usually available at H. Depo or Lowes etc.
Other methods involve using DE. copper tape around the plant, or going out at night with a flashlight and handpicking them off. There used to be an old thread on here detailing people using ammonia half strength and half strength water in a spray bottle to squirt the slugs with at night. You can research to see what method will work best for you.

For aphids I use NEEM if it is really getting out of control. I hate to spray anything because as soon as I do, there are the little green tree frogs or lizards looking at me lol.

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These are inside so I don't believe it's snails or slugs. I can't figure out why it's always the older leaves that get it and not the younger more tender leaves? Thanks. Marg

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..check for earwigs...the rules is..holes on the edge..snails or slugs...holes in the middle...earwigs...cheers

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