Grand Cru

Noni MorrisonDecember 28, 2010

I have not seen anyone talking about this one but am so crazy about it! I have taken photos but since it is red, I really need to wait for daylight and take some outside. I think a description might be better anyhow.

Grand Cru is by color a beautiful current red, with both lighter and darker shadings, going to almost black along the mid lines. There are almost iridescent shimmers. Along the lower petals there is a slight ruffling.

The texture is like a heavy, luxuient satin ball gown! It also seems to be lasting well.

This morning I plan to use some of its pollen on my last "Eternal Princess" flower out in the greenhouse, but I brought this one in to light our Christmas Day and we got to watch it opening for the first time.

I think this was one of the ones I bought from Van Engelen, which means there should be 2 more like it out in the greenhouse. I sure hope so, Anyhow!

If you see a bulb for sale, grab it!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I LOVE (ok loved) my Grand Cru. I got it at WalMart and it was the most spectacular bulb. I know I have previously posted photos of it on this forum. I have a 2nd from MZ, but it's never bloomed.

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Noni Morrison

Nice to find someone else who loved (loves!) it! And I did find two more in the greenhouse who have nice buds coming. Mine are among the healthiest of the bulbs I bought this year and that went through the freeze. We had a shopping trip to the city and to take my sister to the train today. My sis brought back the bulbs I had given her in past years, a Scarlet Baby and something pink I gave her 2 yrs ago, and both have bulbs on them! I have a Sweet Nymph for her to take home New Years when she will have car available for the 2 hr ride home.

I hope tomorrow to be able to photograph Grand Cru in natural daylight. The ruffles down the sides of the petals are unlike anything I remember seeing, as is the variation in shades of red on the petals. I am betting she will be a wonderful "cut flower" due to the heavy substance of her petals!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Had to go back 2 years to find this! While going through photos I also realized that I liked Carmen too. I'm not usually a "red" person.

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