Is this pup big enough to remove to grow on its own?

acceJune 30, 2010

Or should I wait another week? I just noticed this after I bought the plant at lowes.

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I think you may have to wait more than a week for that one ,i would wait till its one third the size of the mother plant,

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Ditto. I'd be inclined to give it another month or two. Guzmanias can be a bit tricky for some people to root successfully, so I'd wait until it's at least half the size of the mother.

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Lisa: I read your post "half the size of the mother". But may I ask, half the "height" or the "width" of the mother?

In the above photo, I see that the pup is almost as tall as the mother!

Thanks for your clarification.


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Half the overall mass, Xuan. You can't go strictly by either height or width, as that can be misleading, but you're looking for enough bulk to survive on its own. Maybe half the amount of leaves would be a better measure.

Of course if you see roots on a pup that's another sign that it is probably large enough to remove, but you're not likely to see that on Guzmanias. They don't tend to form roots before removal, unless you let them get REALLY big (as big as the mother). That's why they can be a bit more difficult to root than some other genera, particularly for people who live in cooler, drier climates. For us in the tropics, it's usually not a problem.

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