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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)June 16, 2009

Hi everyone. I'm new to the bromeliad forums. Though not serious collectors, we have over 100 broms as they are great to help fill up our large garden. Most of the broms, about 2/3rds, were bought unnamed from our local markets though we do have some named ones now. At first it didn't matter that they were unnamed but now we want to try and ID them. I know we won't be able to name them all as there are so many crosses but would like to try.

What I'm wondering is there any website that describes the genus in simple terms... for example, what are the various characteristics to work out which brom belongs in which genus? I have used the gallery on FCBS and Broms in Australia to try and ID some but with some of my broms I don't even know whether they are aechmeas or billbergias, etc - especially ones that haven't flowered yet. Any suggestions? Thanks


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Hi Gail,
Welcome to our friendly forum, I hope you enjoy it and become a regular contributer.

To answer your question; the best way to identify your plants is probably to post pictures on this forum.

I personally have found in the short time I have been a member, that the amount of knowledge on this forum (from both professional and amateur growers from all over the world) is mind boggling, and what's more, everyone goes out of their way to help each other.

It's a great resource, and besides, we all love looking at pic's of other people's broms.

Also, a local bromeliad society or study group in your area, is also an excellent area to learn, especially about plants in your own environment. If you have one in your area, it would be well worth visiting as brom. growers are very friendly people who are always willing to help newbies, and visitors are always welcome.

Most meetings have a speaker or discussion on a particular type of brom; a sales table where plants can be purchased at reasonable prices; plant raffles; monthly plant exhibits in the form a members' point score/popular vote, where members exhibit their plants; and the meeting usually finishes with afternoon tea/supper where members can socialise and chat over a cuppa.

Enjoy being a member of this forum, all the best, Nev.

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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)

Hi Nev, thanks for the welcome. You'll probably regret saying this "To answer your question; the best way to identify your plants is probably to post pictures on this forum." :D

Here are a few of some of the named broms we have. These are all still only young ones and will eventually plant many of them in the ground... or at least plant their pups. It is the same garden bed from different angles.

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Hi Gail - welcome to the forum!
That's a lovely garden scene, with the light shining through the broms' leaves. It looks like you have an assortment of mainly neoregelias and aechmeas. I'm afraid you will need to show us individual plants for us to try to ID the genus of each.


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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)

Hi Kerry. Those pictures are just some of our named ones. Most are neos but there are a few of alcantareas and a puya (those still small), couple of Nidulariums, some neo crosses, Vreisea, Aechmeas, bromelia, guzmanias - can't remember the rest at the moment.

I'll start a new topic for IDs.

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Welcome Gail,

Good to see a few more Queenslanders swelling the ranks, there is a good key on FCBS "BROMELIAD KEY FOR DUMMIES by Derek Butcher and Dean Fairchild", you sound like you probably don't need it but I found it informative.



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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)

Hi Rick. I did see that Dummies article and it has been helpful... and I certainly do need it :)

I wish there was something that expands on that. It would be great if there was a short description to go with the thumbnails on the FCBS site to help differentiate between similar ones but would be a big job.

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Hi everyone,
To add to the comment about the FCBS site, I think the FCBS Photo Index is a fantastic resource but it would be even more of a help if it gave the approximate size of the plant as well, e.g. height and width.

By the way, does the FCBS now have a new Web Master?

I see there are new entries for June in the "What's New" area.

All the best, Nev.

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