Viresea pups

tigerdawn(7)June 26, 2010

I have this:

Is it doing ok? Should I pot the pups up or wait? Are they going to color up soon?

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The plant appears to be very healthy and doing just fine. I'd wait to pot up the pups. I think the common rule of thumb is to wait until the pup is about 1/2 the size of the parent and right now they look too small. They might survive if you separated them now, but it will probably take quite some time for them to mature. Basically, as long as they are attached to the main plant, they are receiving nutrition from it, and that helps them grow faster.

The leaves stay a lightish color when they are rapidly growing, and tend to darken as they age, so I'd say they'll color up sometime in the next few months. But the coloration is a sign that the pups are happy, healthy, and growing quick. This is good news.

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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Tigerdawn,
I agree with digitalphrag - leave these pups on the mother until they get quite a bit bigger. It can be difficult to remove pups from foliage Vrieseas with the base intact, it's a lot easier when the pups are quite large. When you do remove them I'd suggest you remove the leaf directly below the pup to make it easier to hold the pup close to the base.
I hope this helps.
Cheers, Todd

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Hi tigerdawn,

A similar thing happened to my plant last year when it produced three pups.

I also had read where they are sometimes a bit difficult to remove, and having no experience in removing pups from this type of Vriesea I decided not to interfere and to just let mother nature take its course.

The end result was the plant rewarded me with three nice inflorescences.

If you do decide to remove the pups, I would suggest you wait until they are 3/4 the size of mum and take them off in the spring time when the weather is starting to warm up.

All the best, Nev.

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HI Tigerdawn , your Vr Splendens looks just fine ,and the pups are doing well ,they are a bit tricky to remove from this particular Vriesea and its best to let them get quite large as the parent plant wont give you anymore pups anyway and when you look at Neville's plant ( well done Nev ) look how nice that looks as a clump , so thats what i would do and then when they have flowered and finished i would then cut the plant in half and pot each peice up seperately ,then you will get 2 pups on each piece and have 4 in total , ok ?

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Thank you everyone! That plant is awesome, Nev!

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