Jungle Updates - December 09

jodik_gwDecember 10, 2009

Just finished pulling a few more photos off the camera... here are the latest...

Lady Jane... her final bloom for this year...

Splash... 3 scapes are showing!

Pasadena... pushing up scapes!

Sweet Lilian... in bud...

Apple Blossom and Samba... also in bud...

One portion of My Addiction...

At 4 weeks old...

They're getting big!

I am not a chew toy!

Post feeding... almost nap time!

Thanks for looking! Updates as blooms open and pups grow!

Happy Gardening! And Happy Holidays!

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Lucky,Lucky you.....which one are you going to keep?? Pictures are priceless!!!!

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

My goodness those pups are cute!! Now, are all those scapes coming up from old bulbs? That is to say, not bought this year? None of mine are waking up, but then again, they are in the basement, in the dark. I think I may be locked up if none of those 100+ bulbs "wake up".

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Jan Sword

Jodi, beautiful Lady Jane. All those buds!!! how exciting.
Pups sure have grown and so cute!


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allstarsgymnast7(7, Southeast TN)

haha, I was wondering why you called it the "Jungle Updates". My question has been answered!

Blooms, and buds, and puppies... OH MY!

Looks like your hippies are about all burst open at once! Holy cow!

And I have a favorite puppy now. hehe. He or she is the one that looks like he/she might bite off your pinky in the "I am not a chew toy" picture. That dark muzzle/snout/mouth area and that white blaze up from the nose to the forehead! Adorable!

Quite the jungle, indeed! How's the sogo grape phal?

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The jungle looks great! Can't wait to see all those blooms.

I confess that my favorite pup is the precious "Torito Pinto."



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Thanks, everyone! These are new bulbs, thanks to a very dear friend... we did a little trading over summer, and she went overboard in generosity! I'm not complaining, at all! I'm very grateful... and overwhelmed... and so excited to see these all open their glorious blooms!

I'm sorry to report that my Phal "Sogo Grape Fireball" has unexpectedly dropped its bud. I have no idea why. I'm very disappointed... but I understand these things can happen. I'm still getting the hang of orchid growing, so I'm sure it's completely my fault. Hopefully, it will bloom this coming spring.

I'm not really sure if we'll actually keep a pup... although, we usually end up keeping at least one, and sometimes a pair! Larry says this is the best Olde Bulldogge litter we've ever produced, and he's extremely satisfied with the consistent, healthy results!

We've been breeding American Bulldogs for over 25 years, and we've spent the last 15 or so also working with the Olde Bulldogge. Neither breed was "finished" when we began, and through Larry's hard work and dedication to these breeds, we brought the American Bulldog to its pinnacle, producing consistently healthy, sound, stable, discretionary working animals, and cementing our reputation within the Mollossor world. The Oldes were next, and we've finally reached our goal with this litter! It's an accomplishment we're very proud of!

If we do keep one, it'll be a female. The 3 males are the larger ones with more white, and the females are all the darker brindles. Surprisingly, there isn't one pup with Maia's coloring, which is a buckskin. We'll observe the babes and make a selection in another couple of weeks. Many are spoken for, but I get first pick! :-)

Lady Jane gave quite a performance, considering it was her second bloom cycle this year! I'm so impressed with this variety! There's a tiny bit of pollen on her... I may save it for use on one of the up and coming flowers... but which one?

Yes... that's my jungle! It's getting harder and harder to squeeze in there to water everybody! I'm actually thinking I might force dormancy on some of these bulbs next summer, just to make more room!

Thanks again for all the nice compliments! I'll keep updating as the blooms open, and the pups get bigger!

Happy Gardening!

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Awwwww, PUPPIES RULE!!!!

Oh yeah, the plants are real nice too!!!

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