Tillandsia Punctulata, Anyone?

joss-1June 20, 2014

Hi All... Looking for tillandsia punctulata! I've ordered and paid for several tillandsia punctulata over the past couple of weeks, just to be refunded and told that they are actually out of stock. Maybe we could trade tillandsia for tillandsia? I don't have a ton, but I do have some nice ones. Please email. Thanks, Joss

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Try Pam at Bird Rock Tropicals.

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No luck with Bird Rock. Thanks

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Just heard that tillandsia punctulata won't do well here in South Florida... anyone know this to be true? I was told that they need a big change in temps between night and day and we just don't have that down here. Is anyone growing punculata in South Florida with any success, outdoors? Thanks!! Joss

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Tropiflora, in Sarasota, had some in stock.

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