free butterfly eggs

angie83(9)April 17, 2007

Has anyone ever got butterfly eggs here they seem to be really nice folks.

Here is a link that might be useful: shadyfarms

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For the price of their shipping you can buy a milkweed plant and have Monarch eggs every year.


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I believe there are a couple on the forum who have purchased plants, if not eggs, from them. I think Cat may be one of them, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, they are highly recommended as a source for butterfly eggs and plants as well.


Here is a link that might be useful: Shady Oaks Butterfly Farm

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He he tom, it's so true that the shipping just kills you on most orders. Especially with live goods like plants and bugs.

One time I ordered a type of predator that parasitized bean beetle larva from a place in Ariaona. A $20 order cost $40 with shipping. But they did work!

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I have used them and highly reccomend. Shipping is just a tricky "is" for live things. I buy things I can't find locally, like plantain, MW, false nettle, and have also bought ZLW eggs.

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michaelz9(Central FL)

I can highly recommend Edith and Ester. I've toured their nursery and butterfly farm as well and they are a top notch breeder. Disease free, very clean operation. Wish I had a whole greenhouse to devote to milkweed. Actually putting an order in with them for butterflies and chrysalis for a memorial release for some close friends who lost their two year old son a little over a year ago. We celebrate his birthday with a small release.

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Yep, I've ordered larval host plants from them and have been extremely pleased. They sell a few things I cannot find locally like Green Shrimp Plant and False Nettle and their prices are quite reasonable compared to other internet companies. My bank account would be in serious trouble if I lived close enough to drive there!!! :o)

Have considered ordering Zebra Longwing eggs but kind of feel like that's cheating :o) So I haven't ordered butterfly eggs, caterpillars or chrysalids...and don't plan to. I get my own warm fuzzies from having the plants in my yard to attract my own :o) Also, considering the price of shipping viable eggs, cats etc. is costly...but you must remember they should get to their destination quickly - so I guess it's all relative. I just figure I'm better off using the money for plants and nature will take it's course.

We get zebra longwings and malachites down here...and I've had them nectaring but didn't have their larval that I's only a matter of time :o)

Bottom what will make you happy. Life's too short...and you ain't taking it with you!!! :o)
~ Cat

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Wow I got my nettle in 3 days from order its huge and full I cant say when Iv been this happy with a mail order Shady Oak Farms Is the best yet .The false nettle I got is over 18in tall and very green and healthy Will recomend this place to all butterfly lovers.I will gladly pay more for shipping to get my plants in this healthy shape.

Here is a link that might be useful: shady oak farms

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