Bromeliad ID please?

fairplan(5b / 6a)June 13, 2010

Just got this the other day but there was no tag and I've never had a bromeliad before...


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Hi Fairplan,

Congratulations on owning your first lovely bromeliad! Be very careful that you don't catch that infectious bug which causes serious addiction to all things Bromeliad. If you do succumb, know that we have a sympathetic support group on this brom forum, which should ease the itch.

My guess is that your new brom is a Guzmania hybrid, still developing its flower spike. At this stage, it's impossible to identify the exact hybrid. There are many varieties in the commercial market which look very similar, so even in full bloom it may be difficult to identify correctly.

Guzmanias enjoy dappled to almost full shade conditions, warmth, good drainage, and constant humidity and moisture (but less in the coolest months). If you keep it indoors, make sure it gets some air circulation as well - or pop it outside in a well-ventilated spot every now and then to keep it happy. They also thrive with slow-release fertiliser applied in Spring.

Enjoy your new brom!


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fairplan(5b / 6a)

thank you so much for your help. i've developed a new appreciation for bromeliads since my wife and i went to florida a few weeks back.


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