'Evergreen' & 'Sweet Nymph' again..

dondelduxDecember 30, 2011


I have two more bulbs blooming from my heist at the nearby nursery. The Evergreen is astounding and I absolutely love it!! It has 7 flowers on the first scape although I don't know if they all come out together before the first starts to deteriorate..do they? Anyway, I just love it!

The second one was bought as "Pink" Nymph..I think from pictures I've seen of Pink Nymph that it is a darker pink double. Well, anyway I got "Sweet" Nymph instead..went through #&!! last year to get one and now I get one in a mislabel the very next year!! Someone must be flooding the market with these..at first I though it might be the ubiquitous Lady Jane that pops up everywhere. I do like the color of Sweet Nymph, but the flower does leave a bit to be desired..very messy and with all those filaments with pollen sticking out here and there willy-nilly..not the best double..they should have left this one on the drawing board a bit longer..(IMHO) I still have the one from last year and it's doing fine, maybe when it flowers again it will be a bit more refined..but as I say, the color is great!

Here they are:

looks like an explosion went off (didn't dare to use the "B" word)

Guess I won't have to worry about anyone "stealing" my Sweet Nymph pictures will I...Thanks for looking,

Oh and by the way, I bought two Pink Nymphs from two different distributors at this nursery..both bulbs looked entirely different so that's why I took the chance and bought them both..so all is not lost yet...


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I just had to add.. looking at those pictures again, poor Evergreen standing tall and proud..standing next to his messy girlfriend who forgot to comb her hair this morning.....

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Ya know....Sweet Nymph was fantastic in Holland....! I know that they select their best blooms for the show, but they apparently misrepresented the bulb altogether!

Let's see how ours repeat in the spring.

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She is a mess, huh? It seems that SN never looks good..

I just googled her, the only pictures that she doesn't look crazy in is the pictures used to sell her. Maybe she gets better as she gets older?

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Now come on Josh...she was radiant in the first photos I posted of her from the show in Holland...everyone drooled over those!! Hey...wonder if they plucked the "stray" anthers...that would explain part of it.

Here's another little mini to make listers drool...not yet being sold (NOT FAIR!!):

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Noni Morrison

Adorable pink Minis! I WANT!

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I still think she looks messy in those pics but NOT as messy ;) I'm just not happy with her, I think the coloring is incredible and that must be why they sell her.

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Beautiful blooms, Donna. Thanks for sharing.

I love both Evergreen and Sweet nymph. They are breathtaking.


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Ooooh! I have an "Evergreen" about to bloom! Picture shortly!

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If you haven't yet bloomed an Evergreen as I hadn't you're just gonna love her!!

She's the same color as a Honeydew melon!!

This is the last picture I will bore you with, I just pulled off all her pollen and dabbed a little on..


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Donna, all the pictures of Amaryllis flowers that you have posted are beautiful.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I loved my Evergreen too. So glad that it is still around.Your comparison with the Honeydew melon is great!!

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Dear Donna
Your vision is very good,'Evergreen' & 'Sweet Nymph' are blooming gorgeous beautiful!!!

Best regards for you

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