Tillandsia Butzii a Cooler grower?

joss-1June 24, 2014

Hello, Is anyone having any success growing tillandsia butzii in South Florida? I've heard of one grower who is growing it outdoors here successfully, but would like to hear more stories of success or failure. Online it mentions that they like cooler nights, which we just don't have, but I was told that they can acclimate themselves quite well to any tropical or sub-tropical condition. I have a few butzii that have attached themselves nicely to a tree in the yard, but I've only had them a few months so I'm not sure about the long haul. Thanks. Joss

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That species has always proven to be a pain to grow nicely out here in Southern Cal. Unless you can provide a cool section of the yard that gets good light it will be a tough go. The green-flower form is even tougher.

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