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Berger13April 16, 2014

I have 4 polyphemus,1 Lune moth,1 prothemea,2 Black swallowtail and 2 Tiger swallowtails should I put them in the same 10 gallon tank with some sticks?

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

If the swallowtail chrysalises are loose, I suggest putting them on something that the butterflies can grab, like a paper towel. The butterflies need to be able to pull themselves out of the chrysalis. The bottom of a fish tank does not help with that.

Make sure at least some of the sticks rest at the edge of the bottom, where the bottom meets a side. The moths/butterflies will tend to walk to a side and then follow the sides. If your sticks are leaning against the sides and resting on the bottom away from the sides, it is likely the leps won't find them.

My aquariums have been used to raise many cats. The cats have deposited silk on all the sides over the years. While I do scrub the aquariums, I don't scrub hard enough to remove all the silk. There is enough left over that all moths can climb the walls.


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