Hippeastrum Apple Blossom Seed Pod Mother

hippeastrumadmirer(5)December 6, 2011

Hi, I know that apple blossom is infertile if you self it, but can I take pollen from another large flowering hybrid example red lion and give it`s pollen to apple blossom, and then the seed pod develops, will the seeds sprout or is apple blossom pretty much infertile in every way?

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Some on the list (Donna??) have reported success. Why not try...all it costs is pollen and time. You should be able to see once the pod is ripe if the seeds are mutants!

Search this list for "apple blossom" in the topic and you'l see some of these same questions asked in past posts.

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Hi Hippeastrumadmirer,

I personally HAVE had success with Apple Blossom as the seed parent..see on page 2 of this forum, "Which Bulbs Are Sterile" and read the thread. (rather than re-post the same pictures) At the time, a year or more ago, I also posted this event and pictures on the LandsPro forum...if you want to take a peek...

Now, I have tried many times in the past few years to use Apple Blossom as the seed parent and all times it failed, but as you can see, this one hit the spot (so to speak) so, don't hesitate to try and try again. Yes, you can use Apple Blossoms pollen on others but, I personally haven't had success that way, and I'm not sure I even tried! The only reason I bothered to try Lady Jane on Apple Blossom was because they were blooming at the same time!

In the past when I would try a cross, I would just do it once and it if didn't take, so be it. Now, I dab the pollen twice a day for at least 3 days in a row and I find my success rate much better. Good Luck, and no mater what others will tell you, once in a while Apple Blossom WILL produce viable seeds. All of the seeds pictured in the photo germinated and are all about the size of a large grape..all growing fine.


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