Have downloaded Picasa: How do I upload pics here from Picasa?

HighlanderNorthDecember 9, 2011

Ok, I downloaded Picasa and have been storing pictures there for years, so I'm glad to hear that 'somehow' I can upload them from Picasa to here.......

But how?

So anyway, I asked this question a few times over the last few months over at the dahlia forum and elsewhere, and one person sent me a link to this site's picture download instructions.

So, the instruction page tells me to join this certain web photo site, and so I clicked on the link there, but was sent to another site telling me that the web photo site is closed, and the site name might be for sale, so it was a dead end.

But the instruction page also told me of a 'simpler way' to upload pics. They said to look at the forum list, and find the forums with a camera symbol beside them, those forums will accept photos. So, I go back to the dahlia forum, which had a camera symbol, but I see nothing about uploading photos!

So, another person had mentioned another site called Photobucket. Well, I go and join there, look through the site to familiarize myself with it, then go and try uploading photos.... But after I searched, found and clicked on the photos I wanted to upload there, and then here, the site caused my computer to slow down considerably, then even after 45 minutes, not a single picture would download there!

So, I went and joined Flickr.... I was able to join it and upload pics there, but I dont see any way to send them here!

Also, another person told me to 'simply' include the hotmail codes! But they look something like this: **&%FE>>..)__h&^le??&^%kkd*65((2k++k4856z&%#(*&.....

Well, so I tried typing a bunch of random, cluttered numbers, symbols and letters, but 'surprisingly', my pics still didnt upload! Go figure..... (Just kidding, I didnt really try that!)

But anyway, I do have Picasa, so maybe once I've been taught the 496 'simple' steps to use Picasa for uploading, I'll finally be able to get it done!

By the way, I was able to figure out how to upload to the dahlia gallery, but that's different from the main forums, and it has an easy to locate area to search and upload pics. Plus, I was only able to do 1 picture.

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By the way, why dont the software designer simply design in the ability to right click on a picture, then press copy, and paste that picture anywhere you want!?!

That would make too much sense and not be complicated enough I guess......

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I assume you have your pictures in various albums. This you must do, so let us know if you have the pictures that you wish to post on the forum in a named album, and that you are able to view them in your album on your computer. Then you can have your next lesson...;-)


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I have my photos stored on Picasa web album, and here's how I upload my photos from Picasa to GW.

1 - I check that my albums are shared with "Limited, anyone with the link", if they're not Public;
2 - I open the photo that I want to upload;
3 - I look on the right side of the photo to locate "Link to this photo" and click on that;
4 - I high-light the codes in the box under "Embed image", then copy the codes;
5 - I return to my post on GW and paste the copied codes.

I always got my photos appeared in my post on here.

Hope that helps.

By the way, I'd like to share photo of my two bulbs recently received from Royal colors.


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Great Looking Bulbs Xuan! Only Two?? If you haven't bloomed a Gervase before you are really going to love it! And Elvas can be really beautiful too. I have a 3 yr old bulb of Elvas that is just now poking up a bud for this season and I hope it's as lovely as the first year I bought it..subsequent years it's been rather pale. Can't wait to see yours..

Thanks for helping out with the Picasa issue...


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Nice, Xuan! I look forward to seeing them in bloom!

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Thanks Donna and Jodi.

I only have these two bulbs anew this year, but I still have a bunch of beautiful amies I grow from seeds which bloomed last year and are now sleeping in the fridge. I time them to bloom for Lunar New Year here.

I've seen photos of Elvas and Gervase so I'm looking forward to see their blooms in person.

By the way, Elvas has produced a spike already. Can't wait, indeed.


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