What kind of variegated plant is this? Help ID please

chicagardensFebruary 3, 2014

Found it yesterday. Tempted to purchase, I've never seen one before. Thx for the help. (:

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That would be Sansevieria trifasciata 'Golden Hahnii.' Very susceptible to rot in winter. I've read somewhere on the Sansevieria forum that Bob Smoley says to keep them dry most of the time and bone dry in the winter (don't water at all in the winter).

Now I can't seem to keep one alive myself, so I can't tell you how to water when it's warm (Spring/Summer), but I would advise to be very careful in winter. They're more fussy than usual Sans you find.

Now that I've scared you half to death, beautiful plant! Not trying to come across as you're going to kill it, it just takes a little bit more effort keeping these happy and alive.

If you're interested, hop on over to the Sansevieria forum. There's a good bit of information about growing the 'Golden Hahnii' and growing Sansevieria in general.


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Planto- I am so freaked out now. Haha! I think I better pass, it's an amazing plant...bbbbbut I need something hearty...something that will withstand my black thumb. Hahaha! Thx so much for the info (:

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Oh my! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out! I just wanted to let you know this particular Sans is a bit more fussy than other ones you may find. I don't do well with fussy myself, I try to avoid them actually.

I think part of the reason for its fussiness, is that it has less green present on the leaves. I was just reading about a variegated African Violet on the AV Forums the other day and someone had mentioned the variegated varieties are a bit more fussy than an all green one (again, less green on the leaves).

I don't think being variegated is a death sentence, in fact you can probably find a variegated plant that won't give you a headache lol.

I hope I didn't turn you off of Sanseveria all-together, it's just some are a bit more difficult to care for than others (that goes for a number of plants IMO, some cacti are more sensitive to rotting, I can't grow certain houseplants because their humidity requirements are too high, etc). Don't give up, you will find something that you can't kill!

Not to use this C&S forum to point you to other plants, but have you ever tried growing a Spider Plant or a Pothos? Just trying to think of something for your "black thumb." I doubt it's as black as you think, just have to find something that works for you. :) There are plenty of Sansevieria out there as well that won't give you trouble. In fact, that's all some people can grow! The particular Sans you pictured though, isn't know for its easiness, but it doesn't mean you can't find one that will grow for you!


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

A sans that doesnt tolerate neglect?!?!?!?!? My sans are watered only monthly in the winter and when put outside i take no care of them, and they still do well. I have had a non variegated hanii for awile and recently got some sanseviera trifaciata babies which i will baby for the winter, then give the smae treatment. The non variegated hanii does well with my extreme neglect, and even has produced a new baby as of novenber 2013! I actually peferr non variegated sans, I think they are prettier, with the exeption of golden hanii, which i also want....... also watch for the fragrant flowers mmmmm

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Hard to believe there is a fussy Sans, eh? :P


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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Very good, I couldn't have said anymore. It is my favorite. I have found that keeping it warmer thur the winter helps. Like in a fish tank with a heating grow pad. If kept at 75 degrees, it does do well. And like you said, very low watering.
Good to see you back teen.

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Thanks. Coming from you, that made my day. :)


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Sorry for this off topic message.....

Yes good to have you back teen! Did you get my email a couple weeks back? I know the fuzziness of GW email.


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

No I don't, can you contact me privately again

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planto & teen- I have some darker leaf Sanseveria. I do neglect them pretty much.

But as you mentioned ,planto, i have noticed the variegated ones tend to be fusier. I've lost several variegated bear paws...but i keep trying :)

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OoO, I like the look of the variegated bear paws. I've never tried to grow one myself, but I'm sure I'd kill it pretty fast (not intentionally).


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I can attest to some fussiness with this plant. I bought it last year and watered it weekly through the summer (it was on my deck) as I didn't know better. My other sans likes that fine.

Well that worked alright through the summer, although I will water much less from now on. As soon as I got to fall, I didn't adjust that schedule soon enough (sometimes you get carried away with the hose ya know?). I lost a few of the plants out of the pot. I think two are still alive. Cut out the water pdq at that point, and have watered maybe twice since September?

Long winded, but yup, watch the water.

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