help me keep my cuttings going??

weebayFebruary 20, 2011

Hi all,

Because of plantlover49's generosity last fall (thanks Elizabeth!), I have some wonderful Brug cuttings. I lost 3 in the beginning, but other wise they have all been pretty healthy all winter long. Since this is my first year with brug cuttings I was pretty happy.

But, now I have some questions. First, I have noticed a few whiteflies, and what I think is whitefly damage. Yellow mottling on the leaves, some with tiny brown spots in the the middle of the yellow mottled area, some leaves are slightly disfigured. Is this due to whiteflies, perhaps? I sprayed in December with some neem oil and soap, and I'll do that again now, and hope that helps. I am open to any other suggestions.

Also currently the cuttings are in 3-4 inch nursery pots. Should I re-pot them in something larger since they have a few more months inside? They are starting to get a lot of growth, do you all normally re-pot up a size?

Thanks in advance, I have really learned a lot this past year from reading this forum, and I am terribly excited to see these cuttings this summer turn into beautiful plants.


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just let me know, which one's you lost? it's 38 days till Spring, if the ones you have potted up, are doing well, I would just leave them alone, last year, I had all mine in the ground, the first of April
you're so very welcome, I was really glad too help you out
you might try using Murphy's oil soap mixed with water,1 tsp Murphy's oil soap, then fill the spray bottle up with water for white fly's, it's also good for aphids

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Thanks Elizabeth,
Good to know you are able to put them out so early, I wasn't quite sure of that. I know we had a real nice spring last year, I hope this year is the same, especially after this long cold winter.

I believe I lost, salmon perfection, adeline and peaches and creme during the transition into pots. The others are doing really well (aside from my comments above). I am anxious for spring to be here and to get these guys in the ground.

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as soon as I can put them in the ground, email me, the P&C
is doing great, I will have too check on the others, a lot of mine are coming too life under the lights in the basement.
I am hoping this year, it warms up like last year also

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