subplots for amaryllis whodunit

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)December 3, 2009

With this year's first effort at a NaNoWriMo novel under my belt, I know that it's not an impossible task. Next year (Nov 2010) I want to write a mystery whodunit...but sort of a "Murder She Wrote" type book that's not too heavy, maybe a little funny...based on amaryllis.

I am going to Holland in March and know I'll get lots of good ideas then, but am looking for subplots and twists. All will be acknowledged for contributions.

PLEASE DON'T POST YOUR IDEAS HERE...but rather, send me an email with "Amaryllis subplot" in the subject line. We have use your noodle! Get creative and funny! This year I was able to use the "shovel of death" (a challenge given to each writer) and next year I see an even more creative use....WHO STOLE MY POLLEN!? Wham....

Have attached my NaNoWriMo profile page so that you can see the cover of current book (go to Novel info tab)....need to get cracking on next year's cover.



Here is a link that might be useful: my NaNoWriMo page...

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Hey! I didn't know you were in Spring! I'm in Galveston. If you ever get down to the island drop me a line & we'll tour the gardens and do lunch. I'm carrying in plants tonight,you probably already have, and staying in all weekend. This will be the first time in 30 years I haven't volunteered at Dickens. And am I glad!! 44 or a high on the island with wind and rain predicted. Been there, done that.
Good luck with the new novel.
Tally HO!

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Global warming myass. I'll be out there with a flashlight in my teeth draging plants in, setting out floodlights, and stapling up tarps. ::

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

I just brought in the last of the citrus in pots. Greenhouse is rigged with heat lamp and fan. Has been a toasty 60 each morning. Need a more professional system, so just ordered a greenhouse heater/fan off the internet. Need to go cover, I am there with you all!! They are saying 1 to 3 inches of snow starting tomorrow afternoon (recall I am north of Houston...where accumlation is possible.)> NINECROW...we may have fresh photos of Hippis in the snow!!

Need to go cover, etc. I have heat lamps in the front entry and on the back porch. Those seem to work. I have told everyone this is going to be a wicked winter....and it's not even winter yet.

WILL BE A MEMORABLE DAY....waist long hair is being cut to shoulders!!

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All of my tender plants have been indoors for quite a while now... and I finished putting away all the dormant, potted shrubs and perennials several days ago. I believe we're all buttoned up for winter! Mulch is on, nice and thick... plants are indoors or stored... and now, I can concentrate on enjoying everyone's posted pictures, and on a few bulb openings of my own!

I only WISH it was 44 here! We've got solid ice for puddles, freezing cold winds, and I'm just hoping that snow will hold off for a while... I'm not ready for winter, even though my plants might be!

Is it too early to say, "I can't wait for spring!"??

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Noni Morrison

Kristi, waiting for a photo of the "new" you! After about 40 years of very short hair I am growing mine out, LOL. How could you stand the long hair in the summer down there?! Not growing mine terribly long but long enough to catch back in a ponytail while working in the garden.

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I'm dying to see the new Kristi, too! I can sort of picture how cute it is... but a photo would be better!

I'm in between long and short. I don't look good with short, but I'm tired of taking care of it long! I'm thinking of changing to something a little more hip... but what? This requires many hairstyle magazines!

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purpleclover(CA Sunset 18)

Me too. Love your photos Kristi. Want to see the new 'do' . Ummm, the new 'you'. Or is it simply the new you do?

Fifty is not too far off for me, and you're making it look fantastic. Cabo, swimming with the dolphins, now Holland. A greenhouse. AND a completed novel!

Do you not sleep, or what?


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We got a new heater for the pond this weekend. The goldfish and Koi don't care but the guppies, mollies and others like it warm. They were all hanging out by the old little heater.
I see greenhouses in the plot.
Tally ho!

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