Need help with my wrinkly adromischus sp

Logan2February 7, 2013

I got these plants before fall and they were all pump and juicy. But it started to get a little wrinkly and hasn't gotten any better for 3 months. Look at the leaves on this adromischus sp, it's gotten so wrinkly and it falls off so easily. There are leave droppings all around the plant. While the new leaves looks nice and plump, the medium and larger leaves just won't plump up. I mist them about twice a week. And give them water drips about once a month. They stay indoor by the window during the day (warm), and at night I move them away from the window so they don't get the frost bite. Is this a winter thing or is this my bad care?

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I start getting slow new growth around this time of year with Adromischus. I grow them outdoors but I wish I had room for them in the greenhouse because I don't like the way they perform when it gets wet and cold. Anyhow, yours could use a good watering and the Winter-growing Cheiridopsis next to it won't mind a good soak either. The good news is Adros are easy to propagate from leaves.

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Could the 'cheiridopsis' be a Gibbaeum velutinum?

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I think you may be right, Beach. They do look velvety when you zoom in and no spots is a giveaway. Sorry.
The shape of them looks like the way my C. excavata is growing right now. On the other hand, I don't see any of the curves or hooks usually associated with G. velutinum. Any other suggestions? Well, Logan seems to have the ID's for his plants so maybe he can clear this up when he checks back in:)

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Thanks for the suggestion hanzrobo.. I think I will have to read through all your comments on the different types and replant them in different pots. They are so cute together, I really wanted to group them up some how. You mentioned your adromischs grows outdoors, does the leaves falls off easily? Even when I first got mine while nice and plump, slightest touch really breaks off the leaves.

The other plant is actually crassula grisea

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Haha, wow! I can't believe I didn't realize it's a Crassula! It's totally obvious now. It's not doing that Mesemb thing with the emerging leaves. I'm just going to start calling everything a Mesemb, look out folks!

Logan, I grow in a really mellow environment so I keep most of my plants outdoors. Adromischus are generally delicate plants in respect to handling, some more than others. The leaves break off easily and even moreso if the plant is saturated. Otherwise, I find them to be quite easy to keep alive in the right setting.

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Wow, that was total mismatch! Hehe Did not even think of Crassula.

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