Need to know: pea pepple glue for succulent pot arrangements

NidaVFebruary 10, 2014

Does anyone know what type of glue is used on the surface pea pebbles found in commercially bought succulent pot arrangements? It's not permanent and almost has a rubber cement type stick quality. I asked at HomeDepot, and they did not know. All they knew is that it was non-toxic and water soluable to dissolve over time with watering.
I really like the finish it creates. We are making 50 arrangements for a fund raiser - the added glue looks more professional and excellent for keeping the pebbles neatly arranged and from falling out in transport and display for the sale (which is probably why it's done commercially)..

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It's bad news all around. Do not glue, please - have a container/bucket of rock/top dressing to top off the plants as they're given/placed. Glued-on top dressing is one of the horrors of the cactus and succulent world, but as horrors go, it's a lesser evil. In spite of the aesthetics you might feel it would present, it ain't necessarily so.

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I was thinking of a very light, loose coverage of the glue on the top level pebbles so that will dissolve easily and still promotes good drainage. Main purpose is just for sale and transport purposes, *NOT* the crazy, sealed up, over-glued pebble layer as seen done at many store-bought arrangements that you literally need like a screwdriver to remove! Feedback appreciated...

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Please forget it. If i bought one for your fundraiser, I'd be angry to find it has glue on top. You're presenting folks w/ a problem before even having a chance to enjoy the plant.

Unless you wish the buyers to throw the plants out immediately & be displeased w/ you (to say the least), pls. do everyone a favor & skip the glue.

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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)

I think it's a great idea. A water soluble spray glue would allow you to make sure the arrangements stay put while they're being transported. I did a quick search on google for "water soluble spray glue" and found many options, mostly used in crafts. I also founds that you could mix elmers glue with equal parts water and use a spray bottle to spray the mixture onto the pebbles. The glue would dissolve over time with water.

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Cut a sqaure and surround then tightly secure an easy to remove clear wrape around the base of the plant move wrape outward away from plant and tight secure at the bottom of pot One piece of wrape for each pot.

Use a sized box set them into rows to fill box with enough pots to prevent tipping, add some cardboard cuts as fillers in bigger open holes to help pot(s) not slip into each other. Box should be about 2/3 height of the tallest pot.

Usually the lower spot of a vehicle prevents entire box set up from over turning sliping sliding, other types of events common to transport and can help with some bumps in the road.

If bigger pots are still top heavy use bricks blocks to help weigh them down, removed head rest choushins can help to stabalize them.

Forget glue it will take even longer and be a bigger pain in the keaster than imagined, as mentioned it's just not a good thing to do for any plant.

Visit a local area plant show or metting and ask someone who bought in plants the same question, you would get even better ideas for plant transporting.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I really don't think glued rocks is a good idea, and we on garden web
really try to avoid it, I think the plants look better without ity

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Crenda SWFL 10A

I like the idea offered by cactusmcharris. Take the rocks with you and apply the top dressing on site. I know you want things to look perfect for the fundraiser. Been there, done that. But you also want the healthiest situation for the plant, as well.

Good luck with your fundraiser!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Are you using containers with no hole in the bottom?

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Nida, I agree using glued pebbles is a bad idea.

Yes, glued stones will keep soil from spilling, but as far as health, watering and breathing soil, forget it!

The employee at Home Depot who said the glue is water soluble is wrong. Well, the glue may be, but it'd take years to break up.

I avoid buying succulents with glued pebbles..when a plant is watered, instead of saturating soil it bounces off rocks. lol.

There must be a temporary measure for display. How about sheet moss, taped to container? And instructions moss must be removed. Toni

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I'm curious too. I've made some as Christmas presents and transporting is a pain. I like the, add dressing later, option that cactusmcharrisa offered.

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That's the way to think, chicago!


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Thank you all for feedback. I've decided no adhesive topping, but a taped 'paper cone' on the pot rims when selling at the fund raiser should hopefully help keep pebbles in place for folks to take home from our scout fundraiser! (we've all had spilled plants in cars and carry-home bags. dirt and pebbels everywhere..that's what I'm hoping to avoid!)

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That sounds like a great idea. Also allows your "customers" an easier time to remove the pea gravel down the road if they choose to do so.


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