Reviving Frozen San Pedro

jmsiderFebruary 23, 2009

Hey guys!

I seem to have run into a minor problem growing my San Pedro cactus. The weather here in Connecticut reached fifty degrees the week prior, so I placed my cactus outside. Unfortunately, I left the state and forgot to bring the cactus back indoors a week of frost/snow occurred. Now the cactus is very spongy to the touch, but doesn't appear to be rotted anywhere.

Any tips on reviving the cactus, or eliminating the damaged areas and hopefully being able to re grow the cactus by sectioning it off?


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pasimachus(z4 MN)

A sad (but likely) possibility is that your sponginess is a precursor to rot. Keep a careful eye on it. If you are having rot, and it would be hard to imagine that you don't after a week of freezing weather, your best hope is to regrow by sections. Cut off any rotten parts, save non-rotten parts, and put them in a dry location until April or so. Then pot them up.

If this were my plant, I would consider taking it out of the pot, removing the dirt, and hoping that this will head off rotting. Other than that, I don't think there's much you can do other than keep your plant dry and hope. You'll know one way or the other by spring.

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