What to do with my flowered cono

Logan2February 7, 2013

So I have another thread earlier about my plants getting wrinkly. See my conophytum uviformi and my astrophytum asterias in the picture. So my conophytum has flowered back in Dec and Jan. What am I supposed to do right now with the remaining flower stems? I thought new plant was supposed to emerge from inside the old plant, but it's so shriveled up right now is it not doing well? All of my plants seemed to be all shriveled up except the two lithops that are splitting and it's nice and plump. Any suggestions? Thanks a million!

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I don't grow many cacti but I think your Astrophytum is probably semi or fully dormant right now while your Cono should be in full growth. You can remove the Cono and give it a soak if you're brave or remove the Astro and the Lithops and then give the Cono a drenching. It looks like it can still plump up. If you can get it plump again, it will sheath over in the Summer and with a well-timed watering in early Winter, fresh growth will emerge from the papery sheath.

The Titanopsis and the Cono are in full growth mode right now while your Lithops are growing but very slowly, needing less water. Those are some very nice plants, by the way.

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Thank you, I will take out the cono and wet it and repot them separately.

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