Tillandsia grab bag care

rachelthepoet(7)June 28, 2013

I purchased a tillandsia collection off of eBay and I received the following:

(From top to bottom)

1) t. Capitata "peach"
2) t. Stricta "soft gray"
3) t. Bulbosa - Guatemala form
4) t. Ionantha "Mexican"
5) t. Brachycaulous x ionantha

I know the basics of tillandsia care, but I'm curious if there is anything specific and different that I should know about any of these. I feel like gonzer suggested a bark/soil mix to me after I had a brachycaulous die from "sudden overwatering syndrome " last September.

Which of these should go into soil? Which should be mounted? Which can just sit in a dish?

Thank you!!!

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Mount or suspend them all. High humidity and plenty of air flow. They should thrive. Bright indirect sunlight.

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