What sort of Bromeliad is this...if this is even one.

cadillactasteJune 18, 2014

This was at the guest house in Honduras. Curious of what it is...assuming a bromeliad. But maybe wrong.

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Close up of some sort of rootball?

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Staghorn fern, I think.

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HI everyone

Cadillactaste - Your plant is what's commonly called the Elkhorn Fern here in Australia or to give it its correct name Platycerium bifurcatum. It belongs in the family Polypodiaceae, which has 10 genera and 26 species in Australia.

It and the Staghorn Fern (Platycerium superbum) are the two most commonly grown ones domestically in this country.

In habitat It grows abundantly high up in trees in rain forest areas with mature plants often growing to four or five feet across or even larger in extreme cases.

In the domestic situation they can be grown in baskets or mounted on a base of hessian or old carpet covered wooden backboards as well as mounted on trees.

They like shade to medium light areas and regular watering to grow at their best, and they make good companion plants for orchids and bromeliads.

All the best, Nev.

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Thanks for all the info. Explains why this was in the location under a covered porch area...yet could get some light being at the edge of the porch/patio.

Now that you mention the size...it was much larger than last year. Not sure if I could appropriately winterize one...do to size and space. Let alone find one. But I am grateful to know what it is. Thank you for that.

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