Tillandsia Help- Newbie

edec90June 23, 2014

I just bought my very first tillandsia plant today, and I can't help but feel like its very sick or dying. I'd like some solutions on what to do. Should I soak it in water longer? Leave it for the night and soak it in the morning? Please help.

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Hi everyone

edec90 - I'm not a Tillandsia grower so I'm really not qualified to give advice, our resident Tilly expert is Gonzer; however until you hear from him I certainly wouldn't soak it in water, that silvery/green colour of the leaves I think is how it's supposed to look .

Just hang it somewhere so it has good air circulation surrounding it and if you think it's too dry, just a fine misting of water, (but don't drown it)

All the best, Nev.

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Your plant looks fine. Look up how to attach tillandsias to cork or wood then keep it in a very bright area. Mist it a few times a week and you'll be fine.

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