stuff in the crown of an outside bromelaid

tootierJune 22, 2013

I recently obtained some older outdoor plants that are full of oak leaves etc. Should I remove them wash the crowns out etc.

Can I use city water to water them.

I repotted some pups in orchad mix will this be OK.

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Some organic debris is a good thing, exactly what the cup is for, but full of debris sounds like a recipe for rot so I'd probably dump and give a good rinse. City water varies. My municipal water is too mineral rich (leaves behind visible salts after evaporating) and I know there's a good deal of chlorine and fluoride added so I run it through filters and let it stand overnight.

As for the orchid mix it really depends on the bromeliad. I've had no issues using the bark-type orchid mix on my epiphytic and lithophytic bromeliads (Aechmeas and Neoregelias in my case) but I imagine it would be a somewhat quick death for a terrestrial bromeliad that has roots made for taking up water and nutrients. Do you have pictures or an ID on these guys?

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flush the plants routinely and they will be fine unless you have toxic water.

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