Help with crassula barkeeyi

Logan2February 7, 2013

Hi guys, this is my crassula barkeeyi. The one that's at the most right was detached from the main stem just to it's left. I cut it off because it flowered (beautiful scent) late Dec and the flower dried and there were a little bulb emerging from the middle so I pruned it. I'm sticking it back into the soil to see if it'll root though. My question is the top where the flowers dried, should I cut it off? I'm clueless when it comes to what to do after they flowers. Thanks a bunch!

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They look great! If you leave them alone they will branch out after flowering. You can choose to cut new stems off as it grows to make new clones or leave it and let the plant do its thing. Either way, the Crassula is going to require water in the Spring when the Titanopsis will be entering dry season. You'll likely overwater the Titanopsis and the Cono by or before Summer.

You have a bunch of terrific plants but they're all wrong for each other;)

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Agreed, I would also leave it be...already branching.

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