Christmas Cactus won't bloom

mpgatlinburgFebruary 11, 2010

Hi everyone,

Quick question. My Christmas cactus never bloomed. It had closed flowers on it when it arrived but they never opened they just fell off. I've watered it about once a week. Is there something I should be doing that I haven't?


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How long have you had your cactus?

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You say when it arrive..?

Most likely the shock of movenment, different enviroment, or buds to young to handle the change caused bud blast.

Next year this plant just may do a dance for you, if it is kept happy in it's own place..:-)

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I agree with meyermike. Next year before the fall put in a area outside that gets bright, indirect Sun and leave it out until just before the first frost. By then you should have big, full buds. Then move it inside in a bright area and leave it there. You'll be good to go!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Did it come w/ ornamental foil on it, if so, did you remove that wrapper?

If you do searches here for Christmas cactus, you'll find lots to read about their care. If you look just on this 1st page of conversational threads, I believe you'll find the thread containing my explanation about buds blasting or buds dropping.

The suggestions above are all good as you'll realize once you start doing some of the suggested reading.

Better luck next year!

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