Seeking Styrofoam Plant Pots

napdognewfie(MD zone 5b)February 6, 2008

This morning,someone ran into my favorite planter, a huge styrofoam monster that I've had for years. He also wiped out my mailbox & the 4 x 4 post that was set in concrete & tore my railroad tie in two. I have huge mess with all the potting soil & it's been raining so it's all mud in my driveway & all the way up to my porch. All that's left of the planter is chunks (3 houses away), the whole thing disintegrated. I started looking online & can't seem to find them. I'd really like to replace it. It was lightweight, easy to move & doesn't crack like the plastic pots when my husband backs his truck into it repeatedly (he doesn't drink. just careless). It held up to that but not to 40 mph. It never blew over & it seems like the foam kept the roots cooler sitting in full sun too.

If anyone has seen them in a store or catalog, I'd appreciate hearing where. I had Golden Lady in it last year & I wanted to put another brug in this year. By the way, no one was hurt, the guy just wasn't paying attention.


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Linda, so sorry to hear about the accident, it sounds like
you had that area fixed really pretty, and losing your
favorite planter too :(
I have seen the styrofoam planters at the Walmart here and
also at the Dollor Store.
I have a couple of them on my porch that I put petunias in
every year, they are alot lighter to move around.
Hope you can replace it.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Not a clue!!! BUT.. If you are just a little crafty Hypertoufa is cheap and easy... I believe there is loads of info here @ GW..I am planning on giving it a go this yr..

Here is a link that might be useful: Hypertoufa

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Kylie I've been looking at how to do the hypertufa for a year now. Maybe I'll try it when it warms up.

Linda that sucks. We've had our mailbox taken out a couple times. Do you have any Tuesday Morning stores near you? I buy the decorative lightweight planters there. They usually have them for about 1/4 what they cost elsewhere.

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napdognewfie(MD zone 5b)

I've never heard of Tuesday Morning. I bought this one on clearance at the end of summer I don't know how many years ago. It is/was huge, about 25" x 25" and about 3" thick. It was somewhere around $50 regular price. We went back the next day to get another one for the other side of the driveway & they were all gone & I never saw them around here again. I found them in a catalog after that, but I can't remember who & the price was even worse with shipping so I didn't get a second one. I've hunted on Freecycle & yard sales with no luck.

I might have to make something. I've never tried it but it looks pretty simple. I wonder how well they hold up to a bumper. :)


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Linda sorry for what happened, do you have a lowes near you they carry them. the hypertuffa holds up to freezing.I don't know about bumpers.but when you make them you have to use a mask the cement will do a number on your lungs if you don't. also you have to use a screen to sift the peat moss, I have made a couple using kitty litter plastic containers for a mold it's eaiser to buy at lowes plantlover49

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So sorry to hear about this Linda. I was given a huge one and I didn't think I would like the pot. I painted it and stuck a Brug in it, that is the best pot I have! I sure hope you can find a replacement.

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In the Container Gardening Forum I saw this post/thread. Old post...

"I bought several of those very light-weight pots yesterday at Garden Ridge"...

Hopefully you can find pots there. Maybe not the larger sizes, but a chance.


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I have also bought these lightweight containers at walmart...I don't think they are foam they feel like hollow plastic or something but I leave it outside all year long and no cracks or anything. I have seen them other places too, I think they are fairly common at the big box stores nowadays. Is there a big lots near you? I think I seen some there that might actually be a foam material.

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Linda - I'm so sorry to hear that.

I joke that I'm going to put velcro on the bottom of my mail box and a target on it - the plows seem to aim at it.

Have you tried at Ls? I seem to recall they had a really terrific selection of lighter weight ones. I just don't remember the sizes, sorry.

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napdognewfie(MD zone 5b)

dweeb, What is Ls?


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sammyqc(NE Quebec/zn 4/5a)

Wow, you just gave me a great idea for pots!! You know those styrofoam rose cones you can get, for winter protection? Spray painted those would prolly look alright, and last a few seasons, especially if you're real careful lugging them around with heavy soil inside! One of my darn cats just broke a big clay planter, and I cursed her like anything! They are not cheap!! The rose cones come in different sizes, and they seem to get bigger every year, I guess the producers are starting to realize people use them for other plants too!! Now, if I could find a 5 x 5, to fit my Rhodo, I'd be one happy camper.

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Ls = Lowes

Sammy Q - I spoke to a gentleman here who has rhodies - Illinois - and his go through winters without protection.

It's interesting. He uses some kind of pine tar spray. It's an anti desiccant - he says his rhodies don't suffer any frost burn at all. Doesn't have to cover them at all.

I thought that was really interesting.

Of course - we're having one of THOSE winters this year.

It's -2 right now, windchill -13. Not too sure anything but a tree is going to be ok.

Wait - yea, a trumpet vine would be fine in -2. (grin) Nothing kills those! LOL

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