Is this Neoregelia "Inkwell"?

gosalskJune 9, 2014

I snagged these guys last year, at a Walmart of all places. The guy with the lighter colors gets way more sun. Pretty sure they're the same plant.

And I'm 99% sure they're Neo. Inkwell, but that one -- there seem to be at least two distinct plants with that name, not counting the variegated one. What's the deal?

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Here's a picture of his brother (bottom) and a bonus mystery plant (top). The mystery plant at the top is about 1/2 the size of the others.

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Oh, I should add -- if the top plant looks a little beat up, it's 'cause a tree fell on it last year.

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Your plant albo-marginata so its not Inkwell. Its a (carolinae x concentrica) hybrid. Thousands of hybrids were produced from
these plants that were never registered. They are grown for commercial sale.

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There seems to be both variegated and albo Inkwell, at least that's what I see when looking at various pictures of them on the registry websites.

I don't doubt you about the plant's provenance, but if you do a google image search for 'Neoregelia inkwell,' a lot of plants come up that look like mine.

For what it's worth, the Walmart also had plants that I thought were well-known hybrids. I recognized:

Neo. Tangerine
Bill. Casa Blanca
Neo. Fireball
Neo. Kilauea Fire
Vr. G. Nova
Ae. Little Harv
A. Skinneri
Ae. Mend

And a few others I'm forgetting, along with the above plants and a big green neo I couldn't identify.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search

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You list of plants are commercialy grown plants. They have been around along time. I don't use google. The BCR is your most reliable source. And The albo version is a revert plant and not something that will reproduce pups identical to the mom consistantly. Many of Chester's early hybrids were less stable than what he know produces.

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Look up Yin and Yang

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