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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)June 18, 2009

We bought this Vriesea about 12 mths ago. It was labelled Vriesea Belgese Hybrid. I've been looking for ages unsuccessfully trying to find it when the other day I came across one called Vriesea 'Belgische Hybride' on the FCBS site. The inflorescences look similar. Would they be the same plant but with a wrongly spelt label?

This is a pic of mine and the label that came with it.

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It does seem like a misspelling, Gail, but doesn't 'Belgische Hybride' just mean Belgian hybrid? If so, it could be anything.

Okay, I just checked the registry, and although it's not registered, that does seem to be considered a cultivar name for a particular plant rather than just a description. It's a very nice looking Vriesea too, lucky you!

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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)

Thanks. I thought it might have been mispelt by someone who had only heard the name spoken and didn't quite hear it right.

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