Tillandsia pamelae

crazyorchids(NSW Aust)June 13, 2009


I have a plant of T. pamelae with a flower spike and a friend has brought his to my place in order to cross pollinate these. The spike on both these plants have been out for almost three months without sign of any flower to date.

Questions: Does anyone know how long before the flowers make an appearance? Will the mother plants pup at this stage? We are in Sydney and winter has set in, will the lower temperatures hamper the possibility of getting flowers or pups for that matter?

I am told these plants only pup or have grass pups at a young age. Is this true? I did have one pup just before the spike presented but that rotted off (really made me cross).

What else can anyone tell me about this plant? I think I need all the help I can get.

If we are successful in cross pollinating these plants seed will be avilable. I do not sell my plants or seed.


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T. pamelae has a very long lasting inflo which eventually turns an attractive white "color" after many months. After 3 months you should be seeing flowers but be vigilant since they don't last long. I'm surprised you got even a grass pup as this species is monocarpic. Named in honor of Pam Koide of Birdrock Tropicals fame.

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If well fed, T. pamelae can produce a couple of decent pups before and after flowering. They aren't the big strong pups one would get on something like T.deppeana, but they are a bit more substantial than a grass pup. The pups on T.pamelae tend to form on a bit of a runner. Quite interesting.

I don't know how cold temperatures would affect flowering, but plants can go on flowering for many months and sometimes the ends of the flower spikes will start to grow again and produce more flowers.

If pollinated, it will produce a huge amount of seed.

Seed is easy to germinate, but tend to die off en-masse shortly after germination. Many have reported this difficulty. I had spectacular germination and now I only have about 5 seedlings left!

Hope this helps!

PS if you get any spare seed, I'd be happy to trade you something! I wouldn't mind giving it another shot!

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