Succulent planter with those glued rocks

lme5573February 22, 2013

I saw this one last week at the grocery store, and passed it by. It was still there this week, and I decided to take it home in spite of the ugly pot and glued rocks. I see a Portulaca Afra, Jade and the other plant, which I don't know the name of. I hope the jade is Crosby's compact, but I don't know how to tell.
I'm working on removing the rocks. I read to get them moist and pry them off. I tried a spray bottle, but I don't want to soak the soil. Goodness knows what I'll find under those rocks.

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I spritzed the rocks, waited a bit and then pried them off with a chopstick. It was much easier than the last time I tried it.

The soil in the pot was nice and dry, a good surprise. I got six portulaca afra and 4 jades. I haven't cleaned up the roots yet - that's my next step. I have to scrounge up some pots, I think I have a 6" shallow oval clay pot and two 4" clay pots. Otherwise I'll have to go with 2 1/2" plastic pots.


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close up of the jade plants. They look a bit raggedy, but not rotting. I should be able to save them.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Good for you, rescuing that poor pot of plants, Lennie!! =) I brought home a couple recently & had the same fun you did prying off the derned glued rocks.

As for the ID of your plants, a bit of a tweak on your's Portulacaria afra. The Crassula does not look like 'Crosby's Compact' to me, but rather C. ovata, and from the looks of it, maybe even 'Hummel's Sunset'. Time will tell ~if it colors up, changes ~post pix again! The grey plant looks like an Echeveria. Blooms will help get an accurate ID on its species name.

Congrats on your successful surgery! High five!!

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Nice babies! The jades look similar to one I got recently, which is a 'Hummel's Sunset', so I have to agree with Rosemarie on that one.

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Thanks for the corrected plant names, Rosemarie. I knew half of it but didn't check my notes for the precise thing.

And thanks for the picture of 'Hummel's Sunset' FrugalFanny. Mine do have some color, but the camera's flash made them look plain.

The jade leaves are a little wrinkled, but I'm waiting to water until they get settled. The p. afra look good, one of them has a very nice trunk. I put that one in his own pot, then put the other 5 p. afra back in the planter. I hope someday they resemble a bonsai forest. Right now they just look like sticks.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

I use a screwdriver to remove the glued stuff ( I would like to use another word, but I better not!) and then I repot,using my own succulent soil - that soil that comes in those planters is no good! The screwdriver is so much faster...

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