Brown/Black spots on my coral cactus!

RachelH2014February 24, 2014

I just got this cactus for Valentine's and I love it! I really don't wanna lose it so I'm hoping I caught whatever the problem is soon enough. I've never had plants before that were all mine to take care of so this and my Dieffenbachia are my first. I'm thinking it is sunburned or overwatered. I've only watered it once since I got it but I did start spraying water around the area a few times a day to raise humidity since I don't have a tray (only did it for two days when I noticed the spots). I removed the glued rocks the day after I got it but it was kept in a more shaded area in the store. Please let me know how to fix it! :)

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Wow! don't know the pretator but she sure looks nice inspite of a little blemishes :)


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This is a Euphorbia, a crested E. lactea grafted onto E. neriifolia, not a cactus. Does not require misting or a humidity tray. You cannot fix the damage that has been done, only prevent it in future. Check for soft spots, which would indicate rot. Does the pot have a drainage hole? This is a necessity. A rule I follow about watering is, "When in Doubt, DON'T." More houseplants die from overwatering than any other cause.


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So, does that mean it's gonna have permanent brown spots? Or is it just done for good? I did check for soft spots right away when I saw the damage and found none. It does have a drainage hole, so the problem is overwatering?

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The spots will not go away, but should not get worse. They were not caused by overwatering, but I can't tell you the exact cause.


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