Buying Hippeastrum For The Christmas Season!

joshy46013December 11, 2011

Hi guys,

I posted an entry on my blog about picking and growing Hippeastrum bulbs for the Holiday season and a small amount of information of maintaing them for future enjoyment! I hope you guys enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: For The Love Of Bulbs -- Josh's Blog of Bulbous Plants

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

sounds great....maybe you'll get more CHAD addicts!

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That was my goal ;) hehehe, I need to post a link to this forum!

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Very nice, Josh... I like following certain blogs, and I've noticed that there aren't nearly enough blogs on bulb growing.

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Thanks Jodi,

I need to write a bit more about other bulbs but the only ones I have blooming since I've started are Hippeastrum. I seemed to have limited myself, well my fascination has. There are many beautiful plants I love but bulbs and Hippeastrum certainly take the cake.

I may not be a writer, I was always more interested in Science and the English language never did make much sense to me but I love sharing what I grow with whoever cares!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

So Josh...does this mean that you "like" hybrids now?! (wink)

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"like" may not be the word.."tolerate" maybe?;-)

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If it weren't for the expense involved, I'd be more of a species grower, myself. It's not that I don't like the hybrids... they serve a purpose, and they are easy to grow, breed, and enjoy... but there's just something a touch more special in what Mother Nature creates, versus what man makes. That's just my opinion, of course... everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

To me, Nature is less frivolous and garish... and much more subtle in many ways. Nature seems more delicate, and at the same time, more sturdy where it matters, in genetic strength.

I've always loved the twists and turns of the English language, and as it turns out, I'm rather good at using it... although some would say my punctuation is excessive. ;-)

Writing is enjoying to me, as it gives me a chance to translate what I see in my mind's eye into words that I can share... and I cannot seem to do that through brush and paint, as I would like to. Many years ago, I single handedly wrote and published a breed specific canine magazine on the Performance Type American Bulldog. It was a quarterly publication of about 50 pages, and it contained mostly written articles and stories, with very few pictures or ads. Unfortunately, our home burned, and I lost everything... including my data bases, all the pertinent information and historical files... everything just melted into one pile of ash.

I've thought about blogging... and perhaps I shall some day. Right now, I've got too many other things on my plate.

But I can, at least, enjoy reading other blogs... and I follow several having to do with a variety of subject matter. Most are about bulbs or orchids or other garden related issues. To me, there's always been something fascinating about bulbs... the way they resemble little self-contained batteries, continually charging and recharging to bloom every cycle. And so many of them are just so beautiful, with their trumpet shaped flowers, and their elongated leaves... I don't know... I'm just a bulb lover. :-)

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