Green Goddess Amaryllis

floridabear(10b)December 26, 2007

Can you tell me if the 'Green Goddess' amaryllis be grown EASILY as a year round plant,more easily than the 'typical' Christmas red or white ones that you find in the boxes at Christmas at the stores for $5.00 or so??? Isn't this one of the varieties that can be grown and get flowers the next year,without having to dig up and cool them down,etc...I am in south Fla. and I grow the 'Papillio' ones, and they grow year round and blooms, sometimes, Is the Green Goddess the same kind? Or is it a 1 time bloom then throw away? Yes I saw the ad in Park Seed for the buy 1 get 1-2 free sale going on...and I use to get 'Lemon/Lime' from them.It is now gone. It use to grow year round and rebloom fairly easily. But they are long gone. Will the Green Goddess do the same ? Or is it a 'disposable variety? In south cant grow many amaryllis outside all year. I grew my Lemon/Lime in a pot and they did great all year. I am hoping the Green Goddess will do the same...will it? Thanks.

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None of the amaryllis bulbs are "one time bloom then throw away"!
All of them reflower for you if you plant them out in the garden and keep them well fed.
You live in South Florida. You don't have Subzero temperatures, so you can plant them out and wait for them to flower. They might not flower the first Summer for you since they have spent their bloom during the Winter when you bought them forced, but then they should come back every year end of May, beginning of June with flowers. Mine came back with an extra scape after giving me three scapes during the Winter.

I am saying again: NONE of the amaryllis varieties "disposable" varieties. I am in Southern California. In a colder area than you are. I can keep them outside year round, so I suspect you could do the same. As long as you don't have subzero temperatures and you keep them in well draining soil, they should come back year after year with several blooms.

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My life doesnt revolve around getting amaryllis to rebloom. I know there are certain long life varieties,like my Lemon Lime ones that I had...had I taken slightly better care of them. An the Papillio, they are evergreen and rebloom with little care. Here in south Fla. You cant plant any bulb in the ground,it will be dead within months if not weeks. And the amaryllis that you find at Christmas that are forced for like $5.00 are 'throw away' in MY opinion. Because here we cant grow them,the summer, it is to hot, and they die. IF they are in pots, they last a few months till the heat kicks in,...if they are in the ground, they are eaten by every bug you can think of and then die!

So I bought the Green Goddess, and I will put them in a big 'bulb pan' and grow them out and bloom, then try to keep them alive like the Papillio and the old Lemon Lime ones. I don't know Calif. climate, but here in Ft.Laud, we say there are 2 seasons, summer and 'pre summer'. We get maybe 3 days of cold, that is maybe 40 degrees, 4 days of cool, thats maybe 50 degrees, and the rest of the time it is HOT and humid. No let up.

So amaryllis dont last. Not the boxed forced ones, like the classic Red Lion. There is a 'wild' red amaryllis that I see in a FEW gardens,...and it is the only amaryllis I ever see in Ft.Laud. It is a small red with white veins in it. Not my speed. I want something odd or big and beautiful. isnt Calf. with 4 seasons. It is nearly 12 months of summer. We get maybe 2 months....right TRY and grow vegetables! Let alone any flower bulbs. Then thats it. To hot, to many pest, dieases, and your out of luck.

All I wanted to know is if these 'Green Goddess' were evergreen and if I had a shot at growing them all year, and get them big, get bulblets, etc... all the others...are in MY opinion, throw away after Christmas blooming.

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I believe Green Goddess would fall into your category of "throw-aways". I don't believe it is an evergreen like Papilio...

What a shame you feel that way about hippeastrums...

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hopflower(z8/z15 CA Sunset)

California has many types of temperatures from up around the Oregon border (colder), to much like yours; only without the intense humidity.

Right about the Hippeastrum being nondisposable. It does not sound like you want to put much into your garden, so any hippeastrum would not be for you. To get beautiful flowers requires a certain amount of care in most plant families, particularly for repeat bloom.

It is too bad you feel that way about gardening and Hippeastrums in particular. Why don't you take one of your disposable ones and see how it does in the garden before you invest money in a patch of them?

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I thought all amaryllis are evergreen?

Here's MY Green Goddess:

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Very nice, Tommy! Lovely green eye on that one!

Actually, I think only the Papilio and a few others are considered really "evergreen"... mine are evergreen only because they all live in my apartment year 'round, and I treat them like all my other plants...

Hopflower - I concur... in order to have nice flowers and a nice garden or yard, you must be willing to invest a little time and effort into it... no plant can thrive on neglect, and even cactus will eventually die if not cared for to some extent!! I think if someone has the notion that plants are "throw-aways", they're missing out on a lot of beauty!

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Not many people are familiar with what the heat and constant humidity of florida can do to plants. In 10b you really can only count on subtropicals to endure. The further south you get, the less temperate plants will survive, what we consider perennials in zone 8 to the colder zones are often grown as annuals in your area.
Many of the plants most of us would love to grow outdoors such as hippi's just can't handle what your area gives in the summer. What you need to look for are species hippi's they are more tolerant of the humidity, I'm not familiar enough with the species to help you there though.

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cindeea(FtMyers 10)

WOW I must be weird. (well, I think we all know that!) All my Amaryllis stay green throughout the summer! I am in Zone 10, too.

Tommy, that Green Godess against the black is really stunning! Great shot.

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I hear the frustration in FloridaBear's post. S. Florida has a lot of opportunities and some adjustments to gardening especially if you were used to gardening "up North". I grow herbs, orchids, fruit trees etc and have found there are herbs, orchids, fruit trees etc that thrive in my climate, others survive or languish and others hate it and die (no matter how hard I try to pursuade them to live). I have made the decision to invite only those plants that thrive in my climate to share it with me and put away the idea of giving up my life to figuring out how to keep plants alive that really don't do well here (it resulted most of the time in failure and wasn't a whole lot of fun even when there was success). I know that heat, humidity, rain and a lot of mulch = mold. I know I can grow all sorts of vegetables during the winter and many herbs under trees and some shade during the rest of the year. Many vegetables disintegrate in our summer humidity (To those "up North" - if you know what happens to plants after a freeze - you know mush - well that's kind of what mold and humidity can do to our plants - full sun and heat just fries them-- but many can be hardened off to the sun.)
Now, for hippeastrum...last year I kept an appleblossom outside in a clay pot and it is bigger, the bulb is green and has two offsets. It never lost its leaves, I don't know when it will flower but I can wait. I am just happy to see it happy. (and this forum CHADed me into buying many more that did flower) I kept it in full sun during the winter after it flowered last year and it naturally got accustomed to the sun. It was outside all summer and never lost a beat. Now about pests, I only use pesticide as a last ditch effort and only on potted plants and hand spray sparingly under very controlled circumstances. I do not want any lizzards, frogs, toads or others beings harmed -- they are my main pest control. I have had no need to spray anything in the ground - my pest control squad has it under control. I have lots of lizzards and frogs and loads of toads.
Anyeway, I am looking for a place, to try a couple of hippeastrum in the ground (maybe a raised bed with some shade)and we will see how they do. I am also looking to have a covered area outside where I can control the rainfall, but not the heat and humiditiy so I can try a few species that I think might do well here. Anyway, I really do understand your frustration, S. Fl is unlike most other places in the US but just like any other place on this planet there are frustrations and rewards.
Hey, what about this - take a few of the 'common' hippeastrum that you find growing in your area and hybridize them with some of the hippeastrum that 'catch your eye' to develop your own hybrid that you find appealing that would grow in your area. Might be fun and might even be successful. Let me know, I might want one for my garden.

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I will stick to that idea that Green Goddess is one of the evergreen ones,like Papilio, Christmas huge flowered ones are throw away ones. I work enough in the constant heat and humidity here, to add a bulb to it that will not grow and will burn in the summer sun and heat, is to much work, and never blooms again, is not worth it. Some people get it. Most don't. I have tried to grow them and they just burn up and die. Except Papilio and Lemon/Lime and hopefully Green Goddess. It is one season here, with 4 days of cool/cold days a year. The re-blooms never happen. Except on 2-3 certain ones, like Papilio and hopefully Green Goddess. You get smaller bulbs and smaller flowers, but they live in pots and multiply and can rebloom if you grow them in a pot and in the shade.

Even Ft.Myers, isn't as hot and humid as south Fla. This is the tropics. Not subtropics,like Ft.Myers. Stop the posting. you dont get it. All I wanted to know is if Green Goddess would live past the first bloom. Well I have spent the money and I will see. At least I get 3 for the price of 1. But then I can grow hibiscus all year and do nothing to them:) and orchids hang from the trees and bloom all year with little work.

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Hello floridabear and welcome to the forum. I KNOW how it is to garden in the tropics as I used to run a nursery in the Philippines. I feel your pain about hippies. It was very hard to keep a healthy reblooming amaryllis but not hopeless as to throw them away. Not in my case anyway.

Since most of the hippie bulbs that you consider "throw aways" were grown in Holland, may I suggest you get some of the "Brasbonitas" ones. These were grown in Brazil and MIGHT be more adapted to tropical climate. Amaryllis Bulb Company offers them. Hope that could help in your search for a non-throw away variety.

Please don't misunderstand our (forum members) reaction to your post. This is an amaryllis forum composed of amaryllis lovers who would rather not throw away their amaryllises.

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

"Even Ft.Myers, isn't as hot and humid as south Fla. This is the tropics. Not subtropics,like Ft.Myers. Stop the posting. you dont get it. "

You got it bud.

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So I am not the only one to feel the arrogance. After this, I don't have much to say to this person anymore.

South Florida is in the tropics, somewhere close to Australia, just way out, completely detached from the US, and Ft. Myers is probably in Alaska, not to mention Los Angeles, with 108F summer heats, that lays right next to Paraguay. I thought Europe was a country. I also didn't know that Buddist Pest was the capital of Hungry.

I really feel ashamed how stupid we are to believe that amaryllis bulbs are not for "throw away," and we are insane not to accept that Floridabear, the well known amaryllis expert deems only Papilio, Lemon & Lime, and Green Goddess evergreen ones, all the others to be discarded, probably even before being potted. They are not worth anything anyway.

So guys, have fun here. Floridabear is not friend of mine, especially for insulting Cindee for simply trying to help. Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion, but watch your manners! He can kill all of his bulbs. I don't care. Let's just discard our collection, because we finally heard the relevation: our bulbs are waste anyway.

Bye from the frozen down Los Angeles.

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FloridaBear, I have gardened in S. Fl for over 25 years including Boynton, Delray - only a stone's through from Ft. Lauderdale and on the same coast. Ft. Lauderdale is considered the sub-tropics unless you are in some separate micro-ecosystem. Ft. Laud has many more then 4 days of cool/cold each year and is put on frost alert each year almost as oftem as I am. The only area in Florida that might be considered the tropics (frost free) are the most southern Florida Keys, but maybe that has changed with global warming. In blaming the weather you may be missing the real reason for your gardening problems. If you don't want to amend the soil or have limited locations, plant in pots (you can move them as the sun changes). Most of the time with proper soil, water, fertilizer etc, (sun loving)plants can take almost full FLorida sun - especialy if they are slowly hardened to the sun (start in the winter as almost all plants can take full winter sun and they will naturally harden off). Last year I took a seminar in fertilizing and found that, at least in S.Fl there are different fertilizer needs depending on whether one used well water, city water (call city and find out if RO or blend) or distilled. Lots to consider, but fact is that a stressed unhealthy anything will probably die. The reality is you can't change the weather or the needs of specific plants, but you can adapt yourself - if you want - or not if you don't want.

Anyway, to beat a dead horse, unless you look at your whole picture - not just the weather, you probably won't find the answer to your question. Just don't get mad at the forum members who are trying to help.

Also, Cindea might be able to help you if you give her a chance.

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

jstropic, soultan, cindeea,
I've lived and gardened in Coral Gables Miami in the past. It is considered sub-tropics. South of Ft. Lauderdale by 45 minutes to an hour. I've also found in the past it is best not to feed the bears as they don't understand kindness or that asking for advice means receiving answers and help, and that they may bite the hand trying to feed them. Sometimes it's best to let'm survive on their own.

Floridabear, good luck to you and your gardening. Have a wonderful New Year as well.

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God! All I wanted to know was if a certain amaryllis was an evergreen variety. I get either stones thrown at me, or people who understand that this isnt N.Y., and life doesnt revlove around what you can grow in a pot and put out in the spring! I just wanted to know if Green Goddess was an evergreen variety, and I get yelled at 95% of the time. And when I dare mention that Holland forced bulbs are NOT meant for crappy Fla. sandy soil..full of nematodes,and the heat and sun and lack of any nutrients,I am a scorned gardener.

My garden ,full of orchids,hibiscus, crotons, citrus, passion vines, mangoes, would make all of you cry with envy! Yet all I ask was a simple question,about cheap after Christmas bulbs, and one other, that I hope is evergreen, and I am on the blacklist! This is the most unfriendly forum on this website!

Enjoy all the amaryllis you can grow,and nothing else till spring!. I'll enjoy my TROPICAL garden and if my Green Goddess live they live, if they die they die,I got 3 for $12! Wow! I have never encountered such bitterness in my life on the Garden website. A bunch of smarta-- people, and a few nice ones.

1 simple question makes me a pariah! I give up and wont be back so write till you are happy! I doubt you will ever be happy. I have more to do. Like go smell my Golden Chalice vine tonight and enjoy its foot long flowers, trim up my snail vine,and cut back my passion vines, and its huge heavy red blooms! Any of you doing that? Or is the snow to deep?! Waiting for your HOLLAND bulbs to rebloom in the spring! Wow! What a bunch of cold 'cold gardeners'. WE are suppose to be above THIS kind of treatment of another gardener. I am at least!

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It was not the question that made you the pariah. It is your arrogant reply to Cindee, who did not offend you at all. Go and smell your garlic. You are not a nice gardener. You are an arrogant person who thinks he created the sealing-was. Examine your conscience and don't throw stones at people who try to help and actually welcome(d) you to this forum. Be friend with all of them. You started out with a huge negative point by acting out.
Asking is not a sin.
But this: "Even Ft.Myers, isn't as hot and humid as south Fla. This is the tropics. Not subtropics,like Ft.Myers. Stop the posting. you dont get it." This is damned arrogance. Don't be surprised that you are scorned on for this kind of a behavior. Go and chat with people who agree with your God-syndrome. We are a very nice bunch of people here, and when you are hurting one, all hiss up.
You have gotten answer to your question several times. Read and comprehend. Then go and blame your unsuccessfulness of the lack of nutriens in the soil.
My friends in the Keys grow amaryllis outside in the garden. When the bulb blooms out in the winter, they just plant it out. I don't know where you are, but they are perfectly fine with the "throw away" Holland bulbs. I am leaving to visit them in two days and I am bringin them a "throw away" bulb. How inconsiderate of me! Just for your information: Green Goddess IS a Holland bulb.
See your arrogance and admit your wrongdoing. Why hurt people who want to help? Don't treat us as dirt, so we will not treat you like that either.
Though it is true: I am my own advocate. I am not speaking in the name of the Forum, just my own.
Good life for you. You must be very unhappy to be so bitter and air-bult.
Everyone has his or her own shortcomings, but this thread clearly show how much you are not listening, just lecturing us. Go and talk to people who believe in your omniscientness. And just keep on ranting. We are one of the nicest bunch of people here. You can see it from our threads. Your first post turned out to be about your trouble making. That shows something.
But why do I waste my time on you, when you don't see where you faulted, even though the whole thread is in front of you to examine.

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