Another naming dilemma

LisaCLV(HI)July 2, 2010

Several years ago, my albomarginated Neo concentrica (since registered as N. Bill Morris) threw an albino pup. Normally that would be the kiss of death for a youngster, but this one had enough chlorophyll in the lower leaves to keep it alive. Still, I didn't want to remove it, so I left it attached to its mother for years and just enjoyed it. It never bloomed, but eventually it gave more pups with the same coloration, so I finally decided to try potting them up. They survived quite well on their own, so now I want to propagate the clone. While scrolling through FCBS, however, I noticed that there appear to already be two named cultivars that seem to have arisen the same way mine did, i.e. sports from Bill Morris: Rob Smythe's Monty and Freeman/Golinski's Cloud Nine.

I guess that's just one of BM's little quirks, it occasionally produces a semi-albino. The question is what do I call mine? I can't very well give it a new cv. name since it's virtually identical to the other two, but if mine is not actually a division from either of those, can it legitimately claim the same name? And if so, which one of the two? There really only should be one allowed, but when I asked (then) registrar Uncle D about it, he said he didn't think the two were the same, and that there was no evidence that either of them had come from B Morris. Later I read in one of the journals that Smythe's cv. was from BM, and Golinski credits concentrica A-M, which is the same thing, so I don't know how much more evidence you'd need.

At any rate, here's mine. What do you think I should call them?

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I really think you have answered your own question Lisa ,it is only " VIRTUALLY " identical to the other 2 ( and if grown in Oz could show a more significand difference ) and the are NOT from the same plant(s) ,i would not be at all unhappy if you named it ,it certainly is very pretty and most people would want it no matter what you call it , perhaps you could combine the names and call it Monty's cloud ? or Lisa's cloud ? anyway i feel that you should give it a name and Lisa's cloud would show a connection to the Oz named plant as well as being connected to you . something like that ,thats my thoughts on it for what its worth Lisa ,

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I like Lisa's Cloud, but whatever you call them the one in the top is STUNNING!!!!!!.


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Hi Lisa

I have several white BM's also, very slow growers, as with Monty & Cloud Nine they have a stripe here & there, I don't see stripes on yours, only spots like a Leopard a Pink Leopard.


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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Lisa, they are seriously lovely plants. Maybe you should just stick a peg in the sand and call them whatever you like. At least there will be a clear starting point for anyone that follows after. Cheers, Paul

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Ok, I'll take the bottom one, thanks!

Jokes aside. That is a very nice plant, Lisa. But to me it is very different than either Monty or Cloud Nine, so I would not call them that. But there is still another one out there which had me drooling since the first moment I saw it. To me, quite superior to the other two. And I would say that yours is an identical copy of Neo Arctic Ice.


Here is a link that might be useful: Neo Arctic Ice

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Hey Japie - good detective work. Arctic Ice is another stunner, and so like Lisa's beauties.
And yes, as Ross said, the white margins seem to have disappeared.

Lisa - It looks like the precedent has been set to give distinct (but similar?) Bill Morris sports from various sources different names. What about Neo. 'Multiple Personality Disorder' ('M.P.D.') or 'Eve' or 'Blonde Bill'?

K :)

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Thanks, Japie, I'd forgotten about Arctic Ice. I think I did see that one too.

Despite the different appearances of the photos, I still think they're all basically the same thing, just grown under different conditions. Even the two in my photo look slightly different because the top one got a bit more fertilizer, but I can assure you that when I potted them up they were identical. I know it has been the policy of the registry to not allow identical sports from different sources to be registered, assuming they recognize them as such. This one must have slipped through their fingers. Maybe I'll put the question to our current registrar and see what he has to say about it.

As far as the odd stripe, or lack thereof, I have a number of unstable variegated Neos where each pup is different from the next, and I'm certainly not going to assign them all cv. names. I think you just have to treat the whole thing as a variable clone.

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Hi Lisa,

It's certainly a beautiful looking plant whatever it ends up being called. However to save you worrying over a name, why don't you just tell it to swim over to Shellharbour and I'll mind it for you until you come up with something suitable. On second thoughts, why not just call it Lisa's dilemma?

All the best, Nev.

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Wow! I would like to put my name on the waiting list if there is any. IMHO, it's good to add your name to whatever you are going to name it.

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I feel like I'm spitting into the wind here. Oh well.....

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Always causing trouble Lisa! I would imagine it is going to be hard to get a consensus on this as there will be lots of different opinions without a singular person or committee with a coherent and functioning system that also is universally acknowledged as 'The Decider(s)' with the power to also enforce the rules/decisions. Wow, that was a confusing sentence...

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It made perfect sense to me, Andy! We need an all-knowing, all-seeing arbiter, preferably someone with an understanding of hybridizers and their issues. I'm afraid all we have to work with at the moment are mere mortals. ;-)

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