Pachypodium ID

loucolo(5 colorado)February 25, 2012


I posted some photos in the Cactus gallery and wonder if anyone can help to ID this pachy.?

It has 3 tiny bright green flowers, the leaves are similar to p. lamerei but the trunk is totally different and nothing

like the other pachys I have (lamerei included).

Lost the tag (of course I did!)

First time bloomer this year.

Any help appreciated.

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Are there no spines on your plant? Is it possible to get a closer (clear) pic of the flower?

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loucolo(5 colorado)


Thanks for your message.
The flowers bothered me, they seemed familiar.
It turned out this plant is not a pachypodium at all
but is a euphorbia bupleurifolia.
I really goofed on that one, no wonder the trunk doesn't resemble the other plants.
Here is a better view of the flowers, similar in shape to e. milii and will post it to the gallery under e. bupleurofilia

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Oh good! I was going to say it looked like a Euphorbia. that's why I wanted to see the flowers better.

Euphorbia bupleurifolia it is! One I saw at a show last year (out of focus, though): From 2011 SDCSS show-sale

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loucolo(5 colorado)

That's quite some plant. Thanks for the photo.
I get bummed when I lose the tags, but sometimes they fall out or even break apart or the lettering fades out. I have an inventory list but that's not sure fire unless I go to the web to look at photos.
I have a small plant room attached to my mobile home and that the plants even bloom here in Colorado with our freaky weather amazes me.


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TT, zone 5b MA

That E. bupleur...etc is a beauty! Mine has yet to offset...


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